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Social value can reflect enterprise value

"after studying for a period of time, I found that the most successful enterprises in the world, whether general motors or Ford, must have created great value for the society in their era, which led to or promoted their commercial success."

at the "UFIDA ERP popularization strategy and 2005 business strategy communication and reporting meeting" held on March 2, Wang Wenjing, the always calm chairman and President of UFIDA software, was extremely excited. The reason for saying this is that Wang Wenjing believes that the "ERP popularization strategy" launched by UFIDA is such a thing of great social value, which may become an opportunity for UFIDA software to take off again

on March 3, at the unveiling ceremony of the first ERP experience center of UFIDA Software in Shanghai, the "UFIDA ERP series activities signed by thousands of households" was launched. Such a centralized signing activity seems to confirm the arrival of the era of ERP popularization

erp popularization reflects social value

Wang Wenjing believes that if ERP is used to arm current Chinese enterprises, it can help Chinese enterprises move towards the world. After the reform and opening up, Chinese enterprises have experienced several stages of development, which is the period when information technology is needed to help enterprises improve their management level and move towards internationalization

the initial stage of reform and opening up is the first stage of the development of Chinese enterprises. Due to the lack of strength to purchase equipment and make full use of the advantage of labor cost, Chinese enterprises have had the first round of great development. After the initial development, a large number of Chinese enterprises have upgraded their production and management equipment, making the equipment level of Chinese enterprises in the world leading position. "The most advanced equipment in the world is not in Europe and the United States, but in China", some international experts even think so

now, Chinese enterprises are moving forward from the second stage to the third stage. Wang Wenjing believes that the third stage is the application of enterprise informatization represented by ERP. A major change and development will take place in the operation and management of Chinese enterprises, which will promote Chinese enterprises to make greater progress and leap on the whole

all this has been confirmed in developed countries. As early as the mid-1990s, some European and American countries have experienced a climax of enterprise information application. This upsurge has promoted the development of many international enterprises to a new level. Today, this climax of development is coming to China and will promote the overall progress of Chinese enterprises

in 2004, CCID consultants investigated the IT procurement behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises with annual sales (or assets) between 5 million and 500 million yuan and found that 31.4% of small and medium-sized enterprises have purchased and are selecting ERP software, 16.7% of enterprises have purchased ERP within one year, and 37.5% of enterprises will consider purchasing ERP in quality process control within three years, Only 14.4% of enterprises said they would independently develop ERP system or consider purchasing after 3 years

the development of ERP in China has also experienced several stages. In the early 1990s, it was a product introduction stage dominated by foreign manufacturers, and ERP was only accepted by a few users. In the late 1990s, users began to accept the ERP concept and put it into practice. At this time, domestic manufacturers have developed rapidly, which is the development stage. Up to now, the development of ERP has been transformed into domestic manufacturers. The large-scale product delivery capacity, large-scale application service support system and complete industrial chain established by local software manufacturers have made ERP more and more popular

at such a point where the historical development process of Chinese enterprises can be perfectly combined with the development process of ERP industry, Wang Wenjing believes that UFIDA software will seize the historical opportunity and act as the promoter of ERP popularization in China. "Popularizing ERP is not only a business plan of UFIDA, but also a major undertaking"

how to turn social value into enterprise value

however, many insiders doubt the concept of ERP popularization. Users' acceptance of ERP is only one aspect of the problem. The management of enterprises has its own characteristics. In the process of implementing ERP, it is still worth discussing how manufacturers can meet the personalized needs of enterprises and the popularity of ERP from the aspects of products, implementation and services

some insiders believe that the main reason why manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of low cost and rapid implementation is that ERP is not mature enough and too flexible to deeply meet the personalized needs of users, which is the biggest obstacle for ERP providers to develop on a large scale; The implementation cycle is too long, and there is no implementation method suitable for China's actual situation, which is the obstacle for providers to obtain sufficient profits

the social value of ERP popularization is obvious. Then, how can UFIDA promote ERP popularization and realize its enterprise value? The "ERP, I experience" popularization storm action launched by UFIDA on March 3 is an important strategy for its popularization of ERP. Through experience, enterprises can take the lead in discovering management black holes; Through experience, enterprises can know the secret of ERP success in advance; Through experience, enterprises can further enhance their belief in ERP application; Through experience, enterprises can fully feel the value ERP brings to enterprises

the popularity storm of "ERP, my experience" centered on ERP experiential marketing activities, such as ERP role application experience, ERP model success experience, ERP industry application experience, ERP management value experience, sand table virtual enterprise operation management experience, includes various experience forms, such as the on-site experience of UFIDA ERP experience center, the on-site experience of UFIDA model user mobile experience center, and the interactive experience of UFIDA ERP experience center

in the ERP experience of UFIDA, the use of lead and cadmium containing heat stabilizers and o-benzene plasticizers in the production of drinking water pipe materials should be strictly prohibited. The establishment of the heart/erp joint laboratory will become an important base to promote the popularization of ERP in China. UFIDA, together with international IT giants and information laboratories in local universities, plans to jointly invest in the construction of more than 50 UFIDA ERP experience centers/erp joint laboratories in the next 1-2 years; From March to May this year, the first 10 will be unveiled. This will be the first 4S store of management software and the only enterprise application experience center in China

the "experiential marketing" launched under the "customer management" mode is a major change in the business model of UFIDA under the guidance of the popularization strategy. Huang Yong, vice president of CCID Consulting, believes that "experiential marketing" is not only a major innovation in ERP marketing, but also a new strategy to meet users' personalized needs and enhance customers' application value

in addition, at the media meeting on March 2, Wang Wenjing said that UFIDA will build and rely on four platforms. The self insulation wall materials often used mainly include brick, block and board, which will continue to promote the popularity of ERP in China. These four platforms are: a popular ERP product R & D platform that took 6 years to successfully build u860 and is committed to the research and development of a new generation of erp-u9; It has created a rapid delivery mode of ERP products, ensured the scale of service business, implemented customer full life cycle value management, and built an ERP service business management platform and a national call center ERP service platform; Join hands with hundreds of partners in products, technologies, solutions, consulting implementation, services, etc. to jointly build an ERP popularization alliance, an ERP popularization business platform with coordinated action of the entire industrial chain; ERP universal education promotion platform is built by ERP experience center, ERP popularization series, management and ERP puzzle solving station, ERP test center jointly built with 70 colleges and universities, ERP Consultant training class known as "ERP Whampoa Military Academy" and other forms and means

it was learned from UFIDA that on the day of the launch of the "UFIDA e series of RP activities to prevent unexpected events", the number of subscribers in a day reached 200 in a series of signing activities held across the country. So far, UFIDA's popular ERP product u860 has made brilliant market achievements since its release on November 18, 2004: nearly 100 signed users have been obtained half a month after its release; As of this centralized signing activity, u860 has more than 1500 signing customers. UFIDA also revealed that nearly 3500 enterprises have expressed their purchase intention

of course, if ERP really enters the era of popularization, it will be a major event for the whole industry. If UFIDA is just a manufacturer struggling, it is also difficult to come out. Wang Wenjing also agreed with this view: "peers will certainly come to jointly promote the popularization of ERP. I hope UFIDA can play the role of the main promoter in it." (end)

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