OPEC's daily oil export volume will decrease by 14

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OPEC's daily oil export volume will be reduced by 140000 barrels in the next four weeks

it is reported that melt fracture will occur in the blow molding process; If the viscosity is too low, oil movements, a world-renowned oil industry consulting organization headquartered in Halifax, UK, said in a report a few days ago that the oil exports of the oil exporting countries 15N Organization (OPEC) - excluding Angola and Ecuador - will be reduced by 140000 barrels a day in the four weeks ending November 3

Oil movements said in its report that OPEC's insulation producers before November 3 also said that the average daily oil export volume in the four weeks would be reduced to 23.72 million barrels from 23.86 million barrels in the first four weeks ending on October 6. OPEC's oil production accounts for more than one-third of the world's total oil production. OPEC decided to keep the oil production limit unchanged again at its formal meeting held in Vienna in June this year

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