Openings with maximum capacity of 208 liters, 210

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Standard for open steel drums with capacity of 208 liters, 210 liters and 216.5 liters international standard for steel drums - Part I:

open steel drums with capacity of 208 liters, 210 liters and 216.5 liters

ISO/DIS: 2002

1 Scope

this standard specifies in detail the characteristics and dimensions of removable top (open) steel drums made of sheet steel with total capacity of 208 liters, 210 liters and 216.5 liters

Yinghe technology said in the investigation of the institution that this standard also specifies all the measurement methods for Pb above 160 kg, including the total capacity measurement method

2 relevant standards

iso: 2001, seamless sealing pipe threads - Part I this is the first product to adopt DNA amp midsole: name, size and tolerance

iso 668: 2000, class I cargo containers - Classification, size and grade

iso 3573: 1991, hot rolled carbon steel plates with commercial and cold working quality requirements

iso 3574: 1991, cold rolled low carbon steel sheets with commercial and cold working quality requirements

iso/dis: 2002, embedded steel barrel closer system

3 terms and instructions

3.1 removable top (open) steel barrel

cylindrical packaging barrel made of steel plate, the barrel bottom is permanently fixed on the barrel body, and the barrel top can be removed like a cover and closed with a closure. The top of the barrel can be attached with an additional barrel opening for loading and discharging goods

3.2 round curling

curling is made of more than six layers of steel plates

3.3 nominal capacity

capacity is in liters, and the Convention is to classify it with a theoretical capacity similar to that when it is full and overflowed

3.4 full capacity

fill the steel barrel from the appropriate barrel mouth. You can read water from the digital display or computer until it overflows, and close all closures. The volume of water in the barrel is the actual capacity

note: the measurement method is specified in Appendix A

3.5 total capacity

after filling the steel barrel with water, close all the closures, and there is still a certain amount of air in the barrel. At this time, the volume of water is the total capacity

note: Appendix A specifies the measurement method

4 size

the detailed dimensions of steel drums are shown in Table 1. Steel drums are divided into four categories: A, B, C and D

the thickness of steel plate is between 0.6mm and 1.6mm, and the tolerance conforms to iso3574 or iso3573 standard tolerance

Table 1 - removable top (open) steel barrel, size

size unit: mm



class a steel barrel

class B steel barrel

class C steel barrel

class D steel barrel

refer to figure 1

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