Only Sany's magic machine can do the technical wor

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Only Sany's magic machine can do the technical work of hanging "Rockets"

only Sany's magic machine can do the technical work of lifting "Rockets"

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on August 10, in Lenghu Town, Mangya City, Qinghai Province, Sany stc160c ushered in a special task - to hoist the rlv-t5, the largest and most technologically advanced recoverable rocket in China, for launch and recovery tests, which once again triggered public debate on Chinese equipment

Sany equipment hoists the national heavyweight

rlv-t5 is 8.1 meters high and weighs 1.5 tons. It is manufactured by private aerospace enterprise "Lingke aerospace". It is currently the largest and most technologically advanced recoverable rocket in China, and is used for the early technical exploration of suborbital recoverable rockets and in orbit recoverable rockets in the future

due to the tight internal structure, every inch of the rocket should be moved with great caution, which puts forward high requirements for the fretting, balance and stability of the hoisting equipment

after many inspections, Lingke Aerospace chose the Sany 16 ton crane to perform this important mission. Spacecraft is the most important thing in our country. It is from our full trust in national brands that we deliver such an important task to Sany equipment

on August 10, under the attention of the national view of the product called desmocomp, the stc160c iconic U-shaped high-strength steel boom lifted the rocket steadily and accurately into the launch pad. "Ten, nine, eight, seven..." holding his breath, the rocket spewed flames and soared into the air. After reaching the target height, he landed with an accuracy of 7 cm

under the blue sky in Qinghai, Sany crane and rlv-t5 rocket left many beautiful group photos. Some friends commented that this is the mutual support and common progress of national science and technology enterprises

"hanging rocket" has become a new stem in the circle

manager Wang, the equipment provider, is an old customer of Sany Heavy Lift. He said that as a veteran, being able to participate in this national innovation project made him feel particularly enthusiastic after the experiment

manager Wang said that the stc160c had just arrived. The powerful performance of the new car gave him enough confidence to win the project

"after seeing the car, Lingke Aerospace immediately decided to cooperate with us, mainly responsible for rocket lifting, transfer and emergency response during takeoff."

with the successful launch of the rocket, "hanging rocket" has become a new stem in the circle. It turned out that when the Sany sales representative paid a return visit to manager Wang, there was such an interesting conversation:

"what has brother Wang been busy recently?"

"hanging Rockets!"

"well, don't mess with us."

two days later, when manager Wang Po out of the photos of the base in the circle of friends, all the people were able to operate reliably and sighed that this was really going to hang a rocket

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