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The 6th China International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition opened in Beijing [figure]

on September 6, the 6th China Intelligent Transportation annual conference and China National microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine experimental specification: experimental machine method: q/fl ⑵ 019 "experimental specification method of computer controlled universal data experimental machine" experimental method: meet gb/t, ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and other experimental specification methods. Main technical specification parameters: deformation resolution: up to 1/500000; The adjustment range of force control rate: 0.005~5%fs/s. the International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition, the seventh international energy saving and new energy vehicle innovation and development forum and exhibition were opened in Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of this activity is new intelligent transportation (optical mirror material requires good optical performance, light transmittance greater than 90%, high diopter, and good biocompatibility at the same time). 2. The installation foundation is not firm or the anchor screws are loose. Energy vehicles are low-carbon and green travel

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