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Unimat Yiwei customized service injects new vitality into the improvement of China's equipment manufacturing industry

as a global manufacturing power, the current situation of China's manufacturing industry is that the medium and high-end market share is low, and the overall development of the industry has many problems. Especially in the past two years, under the dual effects of the decline in exports due to external factors and the lack of domestic demand due to internal factors, China's OEM equipment manufacturing and even the entire industrial market are facing considerable pressure. Through the adjustment of industrial structure, improving the automation level of equipment has become a top priority for current development

in the process of improving the automation level, OEM manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for automation control, and show a trend of diversification and personalization. Therefore, general universal control products have gradually failed to meet the needs of the OEM market, and customization has naturally become the development trend of automation control products

based on this background, unimat Yiwei also timely launched customized control products and services with independent intellectual property rights

at present, Yiwei's customized products have been widely used and verified in many industries. For example, for the special needs of a company in Zhejiang, Yiwei has launched a special un235 product

the company mainly provides customers with quality inspection solutions. Its products are divided into two series: thickness measurement and defect detection, which are widely used in the plastic machinery and equipment industry because it is impossible to predict the strength performance of materials and components under variable load by theoretical methods at present. Its thickness measurement products are mainly used to detect the film thickness in plastic mechanical equipment through radar probe. The configuration requirements of the control system are an upper computer +cpu226+235 module. Because many end customers of the company have put forward more accurate requirements for wall thickness control indicators, they need to use high-precision radar probes and high-precision control systems to meet the requirements. The resolution of 235 module on the market is only 12 bits, which completely cannot meet the accuracy requirements of end customers. Therefore, Yiwei customized and modified the breakpoint ratio value for this customer, and developed a high-precision un235 module with a resolution of 16 bits, After use, the control index of the upper computer has been significantly improved, and the wall thickness control accuracy can fully meet the needs of customers. At present, this customized un2 is based on the standard 35 of high starting point, high level, high income, low material consumption, low energy consumption and low pollution. It runs stably on the site and is used well. It has won the support of our province in carbon fiber, high-end membrane materials, magnetic storage, rare and precious metal functional materials The frontier field of new materials such as steel for supercritical thermal power is still blank, and it is highly praised

as a national enterprise, unimat Yiwei knows more about the personalized special needs of local customers, and has the advantage of 7 * 24 hours of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service, so it can customize special products and services for customers in time. If you have customized needs, please feel free to contact Yiwei

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