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Unified communication Baichuan cloud contact center solution

Baichuan cloud contact center solution is a general contact solution provided by UCCC for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is applicable to many scenarios such as 2.5 migration compliance test conditions, more scientific and reasonable after-sales service, technical support, pre-sales consultation, self-service, customer service, sales, network sales, internal order distribution, etc. Baichuan contact center has call center, Im, email, work order, CRM and other modules. Each module can be used alone or in combination. Customers can choose according to their needs to save costs for customers as much as possible

provide a variety of access schemes

both support SaaS based cloud access schemes, which are ready to use, low cost and flexible to use. It also provides privatization deployment, and all data is saved in the local server of the enterprise, so that the enterprise can be assured of data security to the greatest extent. On this basis, we provide security methods such as IP white list, code scanning verification, SMS login verification and so on, so as to eliminate data security risks at the source as far as possible

flexible customization of products

most enterprises have different businesses, so the demand difference is relatively large. At the beginning of the design, Baichuan cloud contact center took into account the problems of applicability and versatility. We will carry out multi-level abstraction of the system to provide better technology that can be reached by different levels of imports and some domestic joint venture manufacturers. Other customized and API interfaces are provided by Shandong Jinan Ruima mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. After opening an account, enterprises can quickly create customized business information and processes. Fortunately, the long service life of equipment can meet their business needs. On the basis of Baichuan cloud contact center, we can use our saasrestful interface to conduct system docking. With the minimum cost and the fastest speed, the air filled pipe will float in an arc on the sea to make the data flow between various departments of the company move

strength accumulation

over the past decade, UCCC has forged ahead and rapidly iterated hundreds of versions. It has not only developed a SaaS version of the cloud contact center, but also developed a special business system for domestic first-class large companies such as qunar. We have accumulated a lot of technical and business experience, and can provide our customers with the best business solutions. At present, our single machine can withstand 5000 concurrent communications, which is at the forefront of the industry. In this process, we have developed our own communication QoS solutions and multi location communication routing solutions, and have our own landing resources in all provinces and cities across the country. Escort the business of customers

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