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Unicom wostore launched the software store of the three major operators to start the encounter

in July 2008, Apple App store was officially launched. Two years later, Steve Jobs, CEO of apple, announced at his developer conference that the app store had 225000 applications and more than 5billion downloads. The success of Apple's software store has strengthened the determination of its followers. After China Mobile and Chinatelecom launched their own application stores, China Unicom also joined the competition. Recently, the China Unicom application mall, which "disappeared" after two online tests, was launched again. The name of the mall was changed from "Unis store" to "wostore". It is reported that China Unicom will officially launch "Wal Mart" on August 19

two software stores are open to the public

recently, China Unicom application mall was launched for testing again. The app store has 1129 apps, of which game apps account for one third, as well as theme, tools, entertainment, life, reading and other apps. In addition to China Unicom, users of China Mobile and Chinatelecom can also download and use applications on wostore. It is revealed that woshang mall will adopt the payment mode of "intermediate account", and users can choose to bind call payment or third-party payment tools such as Alipay and TenPay. In terms of application software billing, it is divided into two parts: charging and free. Among them, charging applications are paid sales and free experience; Free apps can be downloaded and used directly for free. And remember to regularly apply lubricant to key parts of the machine. The "mobile market" launched by China Mobile in August last year has 24372 applications. As of the end of June, the number of registered users of "mobile mm" has reached 6.3 million, with a cumulative download of 30.35 million times. Mobile insiders have revealed that the operation target of "mobile mm" in 2010 is 1million developers, 10million users and 100million downloads for their cooperation with the industry. Chinatelecom launched a total of 1448 applications of estore in March this year. Similar to China Unicom wostore, Tianyi space is also open to mobile and Unicom users. Tianyi users can log in directly with their telecom passes, and add accessories to do experiments of tightening, twists and turns, and ring stiffness. Mobile and Unicom users can use numbers and even email to register and log in

"free" or "charging" confused operators

at present, the "bottleneck" of domestic app stores lies in products, that is, there are not many applications for which users are willing to pay. App stores are facing the confusion of "free" and "charging"

after two and a half months of free experience, "mobile mm" started billing in November last year; Chinatelecom Tianyi space application mall will gradually start charging, downloading and using application products after the early "all free" stage

some analysts believe that aside from "charging" and "free", how to attract powerful developers to upload boutique applications is the key to the development of software application stores. In terms of attracting and supporting policies for application developers, "mobile mm" and Tianyi space of Chinatelecom have introduced measures such as "million yuan incentive fund" and "open resources", while wostore app store has not announced more details

how to establish a business model that maximizes the number of users and revenue at the same time, and how to enable users to obtain the best experience while maximizing the benefits of developers? This is a difficult problem for operators. New Express

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