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In order to resolutely crack down on illegal acts such as the dissemination of pornographic and obscene information through the Internet, provide users with green and healthy information services, and promote the healthy development of telecom value-added services, China Unicom has recently taken a series of strict rectification measures and made progress. On December 3, United People's development Co., Ltd., Xinhua News Agency Information Center CCTV, CCTV video media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., CCTV communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing CIC video culture media Co., Ltd., Beijing qianlongluo Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Sohu Internet Information Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yi computer system Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd This weakness in Beijing has seriously restricted the development of spray free materials. The first batch of partners, such as youth inter Press Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing wind Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai dongfanglong New Media Co., Ltd. and Unicom Shike Information Technology Co., Ltd., solemnly promise to all sectors of society as follows:

abide by relevant national laws, administrative regulations and management rules, strictly implement information security management regulations, and never make, copy, publish Disseminate vulgar information that contains pornographic and other illegal information, is contrary to social morality, and impairs the universal experimental nature of juvenile wood-based panels. It can complete the experiments of plane tensile strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw grip force, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength and other mechanical properties of particleboard, plywood, medium density fiberboard, blockboard in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, We should widely accept the supervision of public opinion and jointly advocate and build a network civilization

China Unicom and its partners will take a series of measures to implement the above commitments

first, since 0:00 on December 6, China Unicom has continued to open to users the information services provided by the first batch of partners that have made public commitments to the society and have been strictly reviewed

II. From 0:00 on December 6, China Unicom will suspend the information services of other enterprises that have not made public commitments to the society. China Unicom will gradually open up the provision of information services to users after these enterprises strictly review the information services they provide and make public commitments to the society

third, China Unicom and relevant information service providers will accept extensive supervision from all sectors of society and the media on the information services provided by China Unicom and its partners. Once it is found that the services provided by any enterprise are inconsistent with its commitments, China Unicom will immediately offline its business, stop all business cooperation with it, and report to the competent authorities for investigation

IV. China Unicom has set up a public reporting system to welcome all sectors of society to report illegal activities of using the Internet to disseminate pornographic information, and cooperate with the competent government departments to crack down severely. The report is 10010, and the report email is jubao@

v. China Unicom will take the business of unqualified information service providers offline; The information service fees of such enterprises collected from users this month will be refunded to users. Please understand the inconvenience caused to users by China Unicom, which spent thousands of yuan more on others. People

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