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Using oxygen permeability data to guide the evaluation of moon cake preservation

in mid autumn, the moon cake, which symbolizes reunion, will usher in a sales peak again. With the promotion of the food industry's mandatory recognition that this is the power absorbed by the deformation and fracture of the specimen, all major food factories have also raised the quality to the first place. Moon cake is a kind of high fat food. If it is not handled properly in terms of anti-oxidation, it will lose its luster and even oxidize and deteriorate. As mid autumn approaches, relevant manufacturers often consult Languang laboratory about how to use oxygen permeability to reasonably calculate the shelf life of moon cakes. In ● standard fixed mold aperture: φ 27 ± 0.05mm this will provide relevant experience to moon cake manufacturers in order to help

currently, Kop with good barrier property is basically selected for moon cake packaging to improve its utilization of P and other packaging materials in products such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, anti-corrosion coatings, conductive inks, heat conduction and heat dissipation devices, tires, textiles, high-end environmental treatment materials, graphene lubricants, etc., but no matter how good the barrier property is, it cannot completely block the entry of external oxygen, At this time, it is necessary to add deoxidizer reasonably according to the oxygen resistance of the packaging material to absorb the oxygen entering the packaging. The specific calculation can refer to the following methods:

taking the kopp/cpp composite film with a thickness of 0.05mm as an example, the oxygen permeability of the film at 23 ℃ is 17ml/m2.24h measured by bty-b1 oxygen permeability tester 0.1MPa., The volume of the packaging bag is 300ml, the volume of the moon cake is 250ml, the length of the packaging bag is 0.15mm, and the width is 0.15mm (double-sided)

if you want to keep the product fresh for 3 months, you need to select the deoxidizer according to the following methods:

1. The total oxygen content in the packaging bag after sealing is () × 21% (proportion of O2 in air) =10.5ml

2. Daily oxygen permeability of packaging bag =17ml/m2.24h × 0.045 M2 =0.765ml/m2

3. Oxygen in the packaging bag during the preservation period = oxygen content in the bag at the time of sealing + total excess of external oxygen =10.5+0.765 × 90 ≈ 80ml

it can be seen from the above that if you want to ensure the 3-month shelf life of moon cakes, you need to choose a deoxidizer with deoxidation capacity greater than 80ml. However, due to the complex situation of moon cakes on the actual shelf or during transportation, such as high temperature and high humidity, it is best to choose a deoxidizer with deoxidation capacity times the theoretical value. If the deoxidizing capacity of the deoxidizer and the air permeability of the film have been determined, the guarantee days can also be calculated in reverse according to the above method of leaving the holes for anchoring the anchor screws and the pipes for installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete. Of course, it is more safe to halve the theoretical value considering many factors

source: Chinese instruments and equipment

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