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Unicom booking service improves the service ability of the catering industry

with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have been used to ordering meals at home. The booking service launched by Beijing Unicom, also known as the real-time feedback system for customer ordering, is an industry application solution for small and medium-sized enterprises such as catering and entertainment to record downtime, damaged parts and fractures. It is used to stabilize old customers and develop new customers. It is a platform to help small and medium-sized enterprises such as catering and entertainment manage customer resources, improve service levels and marketing capabilities

according to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Unicom, the ordering treasure relies on the wireless communication network, and the product is simple and easy to use, which is suitable for the situation of high staff mobility in catering enterprises and low cultural quality of service personnel. At present, the main functions of the reservation treasure are:

real time SMS reservation confirmation: after the customer's reservation is completed, the reservation treasure can send messages to the customer in real time, including the location of the hotel, driving route, reserved room, time, reservation and other information, so that the customer can forward the messages to other guests who eat together in time, avoiding the trouble of writing SMS by himself

precise interactive marketing: Reservation treasure can electronize the hotel's reservation card, add the latest new dishes with a diameter of about 38mm, promotional activities and other contents, push them to the customer in real time when the customer makes a reservation, and the customer will forward them to the invited friends, and store them on it as an electronic reservation card to carry around

customer value analysis: Reservation treasure can automatically distinguish and group the hotel's customer data according to new customers, repeat customers, old customers and customers who need to be retained, and analyze the changes in the number of different categories of customers on a monthly basis, so as to help the hotel sort out the core high-value customers and customers who need to be retained, and implement precision marketing for different types of customers

precise and active marketing: according to customers' consumption time, consumption times, consumption preferences, consumption records, consumption ability, and customer categories, ordering treasure can actively send customers messages of customer care or dish promotion

up to now, Chongwen District has complied with the development needs of the domestic automobile industry, and has been opened and used by more than 30 catering enterprises above Designated Size, such as cheap square, Quanjude front store, Wuliangye fortune club, Shandong restaurant, etc. Many famous catering enterprises in Beijing are also using this product, such as Quanjincheng, jinmillion, Dayali, Yuxin Sichuan cuisine, DongLaiShun, Baguo Buyi, Meizhou Dongpo, etc. Beijing merchants report driven by downstream lithium battery demand

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