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Unijico has developed a new product that can adsorb radioactive cesium

unijico Trading (located in Osaka), a clothing fiber subsidiary of unijico in Japan, announced on the 11th that through joint research with the Industrial Technology Comprehensive Research Institute (located in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) to increase effectiveness, it has successfully developed a fiber fabric "cscatcher" that can effectively adsorb radioactive cesium

this fabric is expected to play a role in dealing with the soil polluted by the Fukushima nuclear accident. In the future, it will also be proposed to be used to make materials that absorb cesium in incineration ash, agricultural water filters and other decontamination related uses. Toyo textile is also developing adsorption surfaces with the same effect. One area where Geomagic freeform has an advantage is the large-scale customized materials designed for parts

cscatcher has a layer of "Prussian blue" pigment that can adsorb cesium on its surface. With the technical support of comprehensive research, the pigment is made into small particles on injection molded parts made of fr3040 ev. Experiments show that the adsorption rate of cesium in aqueous solution is as high as 99.9%

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