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Unicom secretly customized top-level business. Many manufacturers participated in the competition.

recently, industry insiders revealed that in order to meet the needs of high-end users, China Unicom has secretly formulated plans to build a top-level business in the second half of the year. At present, the customization plan of this business has triggered competition from many famous brand manufacturers

China Unicom has always attached great importance to high-end users. At present, there are a wide variety of customized WCDMA high-end systems, and the retail prices of many models remain between 2500 yuan and 5000 yuan. However, the universal material experiment is still the only reliable way to obtain the performance of metal materials, and the high-end customized by China Unicom this time is obviously much higher than the above grade. It is reported that China Unicom will adopt an unusual trading method for this model, which will significantly open the gap with the existing high-end in terms of appearance and price, and strive to create a 3G high-end intelligence that reflects the exclusive and noble identity of the owner for high-end business people

the main reason for formulating this plan is that there are a certain number of high-end user groups in the domestic market. Among these groups, some users are not only high-income people, but also tasteful political and business people who pursue excellence. Their structural block diagram is shown in the figure below. This group of people prefer specialization and personalization. Creating 3G with noble appearance and excellent performance for pure high-end users can not only meet the actual needs of high-end people, but also improve the brand effect of China Unicom to a certain extent

with the continuous deepening of national environmental governance

according to the customization requirements of China Unicom, this model requires the use of top-level materials in terms of performance, and the appearance should highlight the noble identity of the owner; In terms of operating system, it is required to use the most mainstream version; Built in applications should match the usage habits of high-end users; More importantly, in terms of brand, Unicom hopes that its partners have corresponding appeal, that is, the brand popularity of top manufacturers should be high

the first transmission mode is stable. It is understood that China Unicom is in contact with a number of manufacturers

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