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Uniga will build the third diaper factory in India

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core tip: uniga will open the third diaper factory in India, increasing the production capacity by 50%. The new factory will invest 20billion yen (about 176million US dollars), located in a therefore hmedabad, Gujarat

[China Packaging News] Unica will open a third diaper factory in India. The production capacity of copper wire, aluminum wire, steel wire and other metal wires will be increased by 50%. The new factory is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with an investment of 20billion yen (about 176million US dollars)

Unica entered the Indian Diaper Market as a Mummy Baby brand eight years ago, and now ranks second in the Indian market, second only to pampers, P & G. Due to the growth of India's birth rate, the annual sales growth rate of uniga diapers in India is as high as 30%, and the existing production capacity can no longer meet the growing demand. Uniga's new plant in India is scheduled to start in the spring of 2018, so we should replace it in time

uniga's two existing plants in India are located in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. The plant in Rajasthan was shut down due to a fire in 2017, and uniga hopes to restart operations in 2019. Unica also has factories in China, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia, and has been striving to gain a greater market share in emerging economies in Asia. In addition to local production, Unica also increased its exports from Japan through retail channels

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