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Uni president won the gold medal of "reputation brand" in reader's Digest

2009 gold medal of reputation brand of paper packaged drinks

recently, as one of the most representative brand surveys in Asia, the results of the 2009 reader's Digest reputation brand survey in China were officially announced. Uni president, a well-known brand in the beverage industry, with its excellent product quality and good corporate social image, It won the gold medal of 2009 paper packaging beverage reputation brand in the upper jaw area of the lower device of the upper crossbeam in China. The reputation brand of reader's Digest is a global brand research and investigation project of reader's Digest, a world authoritative magazine. It was founded in 1999 and first landed in mainland China in 2006. 100% of reputable brands are selected by consumers, and the award-winning brands are therefore regarded as the most popular and recognized brands by consumers. This year's reputation brand selection criteria include six aspects: reliability, credibility, quality, value, understanding consumer needs, innovation, and society. The business philosophy and values that uni president has always followed are closely combined with the trend of consumer demand, so it stands out in the selection and won awards

uni president enterprise (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has the self expectation and mission of sustainable operation of the enterprise. It must provide consumers with healthy and happy humanistic satisfaction from the health of consciousness, environment and diet. As a corporate citizen, we don't forget what we should do to the society. In addition to improving production technology and product quality, we are also promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction, reducing resource consumption, and committed to environmental protection

uni president and its partner Tetra Pak have worked closely together, and many drinks have been packaged in paper. The main raw materials of paper packaging come from forests, a renewable resource, and can be 100% recycled after use. Uni president believes that using paper packaging can reduce the consumption of energy and achieve harmonious coexistence with nature

in addition, uni president also infiltrates the concept of environmental protection into social public welfare projects. This year, Tongyi green tea, a well-known brand of Tongyi enterprise, and the Qinghai provincial government launched a long-term environmental protection project called the Tongyi green tea green seed program with the theme of three river source water and life environmental protection. The project recruits college students who are enthusiastic about environmental protection to become unified green tea green seeds for colleges and universities across the country, and organizes them to visit Sanjiangyuan in person during the summer vacation for a 7-day environmental protection experience tour to understand the importance of ecological protection in Sanjiangyuan and carry out environmental protection actions in Sanjiangyuan area, hoping to call on more people to join the ranks of environmental protection through this move

it is reported that the selection of resin transfer molding (RTM) in the reader's Digest reputation brand award is a composite material manufacturing process item. Nielsen Media Research is responsible for the random survey of consumers from eight major Asian markets, namely, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. During the survey, consumers need to list their most trusted brand names from 43 categories of services and products without prompting. Therefore, the comprehensive survey of the industry also shows that the reputation brand selection truthfully reflects the preferences of adult consumers in brand consumption

introduction to uni president enterprise group

uni president enterprise group was founded by Mr. Gao Qingyuan in Tainan County, Taiwan in 1967. It started from the food industry, and truly mastered the pulse of the times and the changes in consumer life. It has developed into an enterprise group that now spans food, beverage, grain, retail, trade, logistics, biotechnology, leisure tourism, investment and other livelihood related industries. It can also be used for tensile or contraction, zigzag and shear experiments of non-metallic materials such as plastics, concrete and cement. Uni president Enterprise Group currently has about 80000 employees worldwide (including subsidiaries in Chinese Mainland, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam)

uni president enterprise (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of uni president enterprise group and one of the largest food and beverage companies in Chinese Mainland. In January, 1992, uni president Enterprise Group officially invested and set up a factory in Chinese Mainland. Based on the principle of taking it from the mainland and using it for the mainland, we strive to make more contributions to the economic construction and the health of the people in the mainland by developing more and healthier products. At present, uni president has become one of the largest foreign-funded enterprises in the food industry in the mainland

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