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Unicom Telecom began to accept iphone5 reservations

Apple iphone5 is still not available in Chinese Mainland in the second batch of countries and regions, but with the passing of 3C certification, the process of access has been accelerated. However, iphone5 has to go through the national radio model approval and the testing of the year-on-year growth of nearly 4700% of telecom equipment. According to the Convention, the processing time is about 20 days

begin to accept reservations

at present, some City Unicom customers have carried out iphone5 reservation activities, and Chinatelecom has also announced that it will accept reservations in some cities such as Shanghai

Unicom executives said that the Unicom version of iphone5 will definitely be introduced by the end of the year, and the launch time may be earlier than Chinatelecom. Chinatelecom also made it clear that it will introduce iphone5 in the first batch in China

facing the release of the first batch of iphone5, China Unicom and China Telecom are actively preparing for the iphone5 sales war. From October 1, 2012 to the end of 2012, Shanghai telecom customers can go to 32 major telecom business points in the city for free replacement of nano SIM cards dedicated to iphone5

Shanghai Unicom has also launched a nano SIM card replacement service for iphone5. Users can go to the designated business hall to replace their new cards

nano SIM card is a new generation of SIM card, which is smaller and thinner than the micro SIM being used, and can release space for increased memory and larger battery. At the same time, it was learned that in order to encourage iphone5 buyers to enter, Shanghai Unicom also opened a new section 185 for new users of @10 and nano SIM cards, and provided a large number of beautiful numbers to choose from

Shanghai Mobile also launched card replacement service. Call the mobile customer service. The customer service with job number 2379 told that at present, mobile provides the business of replacing the nano SIM card of iPhone 5. But only a few designated business halls can be changed. In Pudong New Area, there is only one Minsheng Road business hall for replacement. Users need to bring iPhone 5 and the original ID card

the endurance is not shortened and the operation speed is fast.

the iPhone 5 has achieved good performance in the first batch of sales regions such as Hong Kong. How effective is this product? Recently, Dr. Mo, a famous American science and technology commentator, published a related trial report

iphone 5 has increased its length, but when you pick up iPhone 5, you will notice that it is much lighter - in fact, it is 20% lighter. Unlike many competitors, it is not 6 A plastic shell with fragile texture after the sample is broken. The iPhone 5 maintains Apple's trademark soft texture and metal structure. This time, it uses an aluminum back shell to replace the glass back shell in the past. Like many apple products, it is very beautiful

however, there is a change in its design that has dissatisfied some people: in order to adapt to the thinner body, Apple has adopted a new and narrower interface for this iPhone to connect the power/data cable and other accessories, such as the speaker base. The random has included a new power/data cable, but to ensure that the accident risk factor is minimized, the owners of the new generation of iPhones have to spend $29 on a adapter to continue to use their existing accessories

iphone 5 also boasts that it is equipped with a large number of new software - but the old iPhone can have almost all of these software by upgrading to IOS 6 operating system for free

for iPhone 5, its running speed is worth mentioning. The processor speed of the new model is twice that of the previous generation

I've tried various operations on iPhone 5 these days, and its battery life is 9 to 12 hours a day. For most people, this one should last a day without recharging. Dr. Mo's article said

Apple reduced the size of the rear camera, but retained its 8million pixel resolution, added a cool and easy-to-use panoramic camera function, and was able to take photos during video shooting. The photos and videos I took with it look very good, and the quality of shooting in low light conditions has also improved

in general, this well-known person in the science and technology industry highly praises the iPhone 5. He believes that although the iPhone 5 does not have the functions boasted by some competitors, those functions may be redundant

these functions include the short-range wireless communication technology (NFC) that can be used for payment and the function of unlocking with face recognition. But I think this function is rarely used or not perfect. For example, most shopping malls do not support short-range wireless communication technology, and I have tested that face recognition functions on many stores are not easy to use many times. For some people, these features are important, but I bet most users won't care about them, at least at their current level

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