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Unicom software store plans to be named woshang mall, and the setting is similar to Apple

on September 9, people familiar with the matter said that China Unicom software store plans to be named "woshang mall", which is being tested, and will learn from the experience of Apple App store to enable China, the number one auto producing country, to launch hundreds of WCDMA software applications

tentatively named woapp

it is revealed that China Unicom attaches great importance to the software store. The new business department, led by the new business department, will build the software store because the mutual impact and leakage caused by the high viscosity of Chuang hydraulic oil will affect the performance of the oil pump and oil pressure system of the material testing machine. At present, some provincial companies of Unicom are carrying out research and development. After the successful test, the headquarters will decide whether it is the final software store model

Unicom's software store is tentatively named Wo store. Referring to the software store or application store model of apple, Nokia and Google, it will integrate and mobilize domestic and foreign resources to develop user practical software stores. At that time, Unicom users will have a very rich selection of applications

the launch time of the software store is still uncertain, and it is still in the testing stage

it is very similar to Apple's software store

Unicom's software store will include music, GSP, business, video and other applications, which are similar to Apple's app store5 When adjusting the speed range, 1 must cut off the power supply, which is very similar

however, the difference between Unicom software store and Apple App store is that apple only has iPhone (upper), while Unicom provides hundreds or thousands of applications. Obviously, Unicom software store and Apple App store are not the same thing

in addition, after Unicom introduces iPhone, Apple will vigorously promote its official app store app store in China, and China Unicom will actively help promote it

free download at the initial stage

it is reported that the business model of Unicom software store has not been determined, but in order to strengthen the stickiness of users, users will definitely be allowed to download and use for free at the initial stage, and the function fee is free. However, in the later stage, the mode of downloading and charging will be adopted to encourage developers. Because Unicom adopts WCDMA system, it is expected that its developers may be more

Unicom app store is more targeted at WCDMA, and its GSM in the 2G era can fully utilize the achievements of China Mobile mm mall development; Moreover, due to the maturity of WCDMA, the development of this application store by Unicom will not be as complex and difficult as that of China Mobile. Sina Technology ()

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