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Unicom's top business was exposed for the first time: the Android camp won

on July 13, insiders revealed that the annual top business configuration customized by China Unicom and Samsung has been determined and will adopt the Android operating system, showing the victory of the Android camp again

the prototype has been released

previously, China Unicom solicited the annual high-end customization from the world's famous manufacturers whose current shortage is the industrialization level of high-end materials. Finally, Samsung obtained the customization right. It is reported that at present, this prototype has been released. When participating in the high-end model selection of Unicom, some people inside Unicom have seen this model

previously, when China Unicom put forward the customization demand, it has required that this top-level business must show its taste and emphasize the characteristics of business and multimedia functions to fully meet the selection needs of high-end people

it is reported that this high-end product for high-end users adopts 1.2Ghz dual core processor, super AMOLED screen, 5million pixel camera, supports Unicom's downlink 14.4mbps network, and is equipped with internal and external dual 3.3-inch display screens, which will be a higher-end dual standby product than almost all currently on sale in China

will be able to upgrade to Android 4.0 version

people who have seen this top-level business prototype said that this will adopt an overall view of the Android operating system. Samsung will provide this with Android 4.0 version, and users can download the latest version of Android 4.0 by themselves

android's application in the multi-layer board made of adhesive by IAC, the top provider of Unicom, means another victory for the Android camp, which is also related to Apple's never customized business model for a single operator; Nokia's current WP intelligence does not have the brand and performance appeal

it is reported that this is WCDMA + GSM dual standby dual access. At present, a considerable number of high-end users have more than two numbers at the same time. The top business launched this time will continue to retain the dual standby function in the 3G era, which can not only meet the 3G network and application needs of business users, but also continue the 2G usage habits of high-end users

for customization purposes, Unicom has always said that it hopes to hold this dual standby to become an identity symbol for high-end people. Therefore, this top-level business is equipped with two Samsung super AMOLED magic glow screens inside and outside. The screen is as high as 3.3 inches, which is the largest dual screen display in China at present, reflecting this noble class of Johnson & Johnson since 2009. At the same time, this top-level model supports China Unicom's downlink 14.4mbps network, and its speed is higher than that of similar configurations

Unicom customized top-level business prototype

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