Evaluation method of the hottest printing skills

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The scoring method of printing skill assessment

subdivides the problems in the operation of some types of skills in the printing industry, which is conducive to the printing enterprise to apply experimental force to the mechanic's single input and output rod double acting piston cylinder for assessment

the vocational skill appraisal of the printing industry has been carried out for many years. As a special commodity, printed matter is both a commodity and a work of art. In the skill assessment, due to many factors affecting the quality of printed matter, it is difficult to master the scoring standards in the assessment process. During the assessment, the errors occurred in the operation of some types of work in the printing industry can be divided into three levels: serious errors, major errors and minor errors, which are scored according to the performance of the examinee in the operation. In the skill assessment, if the examinee makes serious mistakes, his products can basically be judged as scrap; Major errors can be judged as defective products; In case of minor errors, points will be deducted. Because the product quality standards adopted by various enterprises in the printing industry are not consistent at present, this article is only for peer reference

1 graphic design. Description of work type: designers draw or design and complete various drawings and drafts

serious errors: including errors in size proportion, opening number, text use, missing text, etc

main errors: including errors in the completed layout, color printing marks, inverted completed text, wrong completed numbers, etc

minor errors: including problems such as uneven text arrangement and the original is not kept clean

2 computer typesetter. Type of work description: input equipment completes various text input and forms various books and periodicals table layouts

serious errors: including errors in the country name, party name, person name, place name, book name, etc. the number of issues of regular publications, the wrong meaning of important words such as year, month, day, etc., the wrong opening number or horizontal and vertical arrangement, the wrong line segment of the text, the wrong format of the table, the wrong correction of important words, the wrong connection of the text in the general edition, and the wrong syllable division of the external text

main errors: including title word error, description text error, multiple words or missing words, foreign language case error, line arrangement error, title word font error, line segment height error, punctuation error, missing lines, missing sentences are not left blank, the layout exceeds the planned paper size, line spacing error, correcting errors during proofreading, etc

secondary errors: including the uneven arrangement of text height, the uneven arrangement of text left and right, the inconsistent font of the text, the wrong position of page number and title, etc

3 electronic scanning color separator. Job description: the electronic scanning color separation equipment completes color separation, page grouping and film output

serious errors: including improper gradient control, improper gray balance, inaccurate focal length, and unequal number of lines added

main errors: including when using printed matter as the original, the original is not processed, the dot density is not enough, which affects the printing, as well as the film surface error, the wrong position of the group page, the color leakage of the group page, and so on

minor errors: including Newton's circle, wrong point angle, improper gradation of chromatic plate, dirty spots on film, scratches on film, wrong text color matching, improper background color matching, etc

4. Revision worker. Job description: manually color or combine small plates into mosaic film

serious errors: including small version color errors, small version text errors, missing spelling of words or pictures, not finishing according to the approved draft, small version is not registered, etc

main errors: including the stain is not repaired, the color should not be repaired but the color is repaired so that the tone is not accurate, the error of the film turning point is more than 5%, multiple repairs, etc

5. Compositor. Type of work description: the compositor draws the table paper and completes the pieces for printing or proofing

serious errors: including inconsistent table paper specifications, inconsistent opening numbers, wrong color version spelling, wrong over version position, color version registration error of more than 0.5mm, reversed pattern and text version spelling, page order trapezoidal screw is sliding friction spelling error, text or picture missing spelling, etc

main errors: including the size of the picture does not match, the graphics and texts do not match the mouth of the edition, the film surface of the copy film is wrong, it is not corrected according to the blueprint, the revision error, the error of the connection of the published picture is more than IMM, the page number is wrong, the error of the copy film point is more than 5%, the drying out of the edition is not correct, the marking of the bite edge is wrong, the line is missing, etc. Minor errors: including the uneven level of the text version collage, missing page numbers, the quality control strip of the proofing version that is not spelled, and other errors that do not conform to the layout regulations

6. printer. Job description: the proofing or printing plate is finished by the printing personnel

serious errors: including the wrong size of the bite, the incorrect position of the cross print, and the point reproducibility error of more than 2%

main errors: including non inking of graphics and texts, scratches on graphics and texts, stains on the layout, water marks on the layout, dirty spots, lines that should be repaired but not repaired or repaired by mistake, wrong use of sunken version, adhesive tape printing on the layout, sunken head on both sides, etc

minor errors: including table paper marking errors, printing plate cracks, etc

7. printer. Description of work: the company has obtained the polypropylene (PP) honeycomb material production technology license: the finished products are printed by the printing equipment. Serious errors: including using the wrong color plate, improper adjustment of the paper feeding system, improper adjustment of the ink feeding system, improper adjustment of the water feeding system, uneven printing ink concentration, improper printing ink concentration, inconsistent printing ink concentration before and after, and the error of the expanded value of the printing point is out of range, etc

main errors: including the gauge position error of more than 0.3mm, the positive and negative cross fitting error of more than 0.3mm, point ghosting, shallow graphics and texts, broken graphics and texts, rubber blanket damage during use, insufficient printing quantity, etc. Minor errors: including back through printing, water (oil) marks, paper wrinkles, snowflakes, excessive powder spraying, etc

8 bookbinder. Job description: book binding is completed by hand or machine. Serious errors: including cutting size error of more than 2mm, page sequence error, reverse direction, missing pages, duplicate pages, folding position error of more than 2mm, version connection error of more than 2mm, cover and back position error of more than 2mm, cover or back serious dirt can not be used, the total number exceeds 5%, loss exceeds the number of additions must be re printed, etc

main errors: including cutting size error within 2mm, folding position error within 2mm, plate connection error within 2mm, improper saw nail pressure, improper length of saw needle, loss exceeding the added quantity, etc

minor errors: including a small amount of pollution on the front or back cover, a small amount of damage or wrinkles on the inner page, etc

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