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Overview of uniformity production information integration platform

unity is a production information integration platform launched by Honeywell, which provides a unified information database for production management for the process industry. As the infrastructure of factory informatization, it can implement production execution system (MES), integration with ERP, advanced and optimized control, equipment management and other applications

composition of database system

uniformity system is composed of three parts: data collection, data processing and storage, and information display. As shown in the figure below:

Advanced Application Based on the integration platform of unity

unified manufacturing solutions (u these modification methods only change the advanced structure or conformation of protein molecules MS) software developed by hi spec solution (Honeywell high technology execution department) provides enterprises with production management solutions, and unity establishes a unified data platform for UMS

data acquisition (Level II)

Honeywell has developed a unified data acquisition infrastructure and a product interface RDI (real time database interface) connecting real-time databases of various systems with its rich experience in the development of DCS control system, making it run as reliably as DCS for a long time. These interfaces not only include the interfaces of Honeywell system (TDC3000, TPS, experionpks, plantscape, SCAN3000), but also provide interfaces to almost all major DCS, such as Foxboro's i/a, FR's PROVOX, RS3, Yokogawa's microxl, centumcs, Bei hopes to help everyone's INFI90, AB's PLC, OPC Server, etc. While collecting real-time data, it can also collect discontinuous data, such as laboratory analysis data, material movement data, quotation and operation changes

the integration of external operation data and equipment inspection data has always been a problem that puzzles scheduling and information management. Through Honeywell's wireless access system, interatrac and uniformity? The integration of external operation data can realize the synchronization of input and data display, which is not difficult to meet this requirement

data processing and storage (secondary)

as an integrated database application platform, unity can not only manage real-time data, but also manage event information, transactional data and application data. The seamless connection between real-time database and relational database (Oracle) is realized in the system, which greatly facilitates the application and development of management application software

* classification management of data

uniformity integrated application platform has set up real-time database, event database, transactional database and application database to store different types of data and support various applications respectively. The real-time database is used to store and manage the real-time data of the process, such as measured values; The event database is used to store process alarms, operation changes, process changes, oes and other events; Laboratory analysis results, material movement records, equipment and product information and other transactional data can be stored in the transactional database; The application database is used to store the application operation results based on the database, such as material balance, operation management, performance management and advanced control (APC)

* plant reference model

as shown in the figure, UMS is composed of ex PKS, US, @x and uniformity

plantreferencemodel is a factory information model developed by Honeywell on the basis of Oracle relational database management system by using its accumulated process control experience for many years, which is used to store factory equipment information, product information, and uniformity? Configuration information and a series of things at present, the development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability, high-level and personalized special varieties and less service data (feeding, product shipping information, etc.), and these information is associated with real-time process data, laboratory data and other data types. Users can form an object-oriented management data model through the configuration of PRM. Whether Honeywell provides production management software (Ex) or applications developed by users, PRM will be the basic and management data model, which will greatly shorten the time of implementing production management software and improve the effectiveness of the association between management modules, and dynamically connect the real-time database uniformity and the relational database Oracle, Provide the basis for the factory to establish management application modules (laboratory information management system LIMS, material balance, etc.)

* data processing

the system checks the error of each data, removes the jump value and bad value, and gives the reliability display to ensure the reliability of the data. Because the engineering quantity units used in operation are different from those used in production management, the system can realize the automatic conversion of engineering quantity units. Data compression can realize long-term storage of a large amount of data. The virtual tag function of the system provides a means to process and process the original data, and the processing results are displayed in the form of tag numbers, which is very convenient for use

use the latest browser technology to display information in b/s structure (workcenterpks)

desktop applications (Level 2)

desktop applications provided by the unified application platform include database information browsing based on Web server, data analysis and report based on msexcel, monitoring and presentation analysis based on PowerPoint, application development based on VB and powerful trend analysis functions

openness of the uniformity database (Level 2)

the uniformity PhD provides users with four ways to communicate with the outside world. They are the uniformity API function library, the uniformity OPC server, ODBC and SQL reading, and the PhD automation ole server

the security and confidentiality system of the uniformity database (Level 2)

there are two systems for the security and confidentiality of the uniformity database. One is the security system based on tag number, which can be divided into four levels: public, private, the mixture of public and private, and role-based. The other is the security system based on the operating system, which can also be divided into four levels: data, PhD management, data writing, security system management. (end)

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