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Evaluation methods for designated manufacturers of building materials packaging products

(issued by the State Administration of building materials industry on August 10, 1991) Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 in order to strengthen the production quality and management of building materials packaging products, the impact of the additional bending moment generated when the verification lever and force value weight are used on the torque indication verification results should not exceed 1/3 of the allowable error of the spring change testing machine, so as to ensure that the building materials products are of high quality, practical These measures are formulated to gradually realize the connection between production and demand, and to produce and use at fixed points. Article 2 These measures are applicable to enterprises producing building materials packaging products such as cement packaging bags, flat glass wooden boxes, containers (racks), building materials packaging machinery and equipment (hereinafter referred to as "enterprises"). Article 3 the State Administration of building materials industry (hereinafter referred to as "the operating procedures of the wood testing machine of the State Administration of building materials:) China building materials packaging industry association is entrusted to organize the implementation of these measures. Chapter II Conditions for designated production enterprises Article 4 an enterprise must have a business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for the decline of the deeds of the three listed companies, operate in accordance with the law, and provide high-quality services to users. Article 5 an enterprise must have qualified equipment and process equipment for the production of building materials packaging products, measurement, inspection and testing means, and must have a considerable scale of production capacity and better economic benefits. Article 6 enterprises must be equipped with enterprise management personnel, professional technicians, skilled workers and measurement and testing personnel who can ensure product quality and normal production, and establish a complete and effective quality assurance system. Article 7 building materials packaging products must be produced in accordance with national and industrial standards. There are no national standards or industrial standards, which can be produced according to the enterprise standards that have been filed. The product quality must meet the standard requirements. Chapter III Procedures for application and evaluation of designated production enterprises Article 8 Any enterprise producing building materials packaging products that meets the conditions specified in Chapter II of these measures may apply. Article 9 the applicant enterprise shall submit an application to the competent department of building materials at the provincial level (including cities specifically designated in the state plan, the same below). After the preliminary examination, the competent department of building materials at the provincial level shall submit it to the China Building Materials Packaging Industry Association for reexamination, and the state building materials administration shall make the final evaluation, and supervise and inspect the whole process of evaluation. Article 10 for enterprises rated as designated production enterprises, the State Administration of building materials shall publish a notice to the public and issue a certificate of designated production enterprises with a valid period of four years. The designated production enterprises may print the designated marks uniformly formulated by the state building materials administration on their products. Article 11 An enterprise that fails to pass the examination and evaluation may submit another application report after one year of rectification. Article 12 enterprises that apply for designated production plants and enterprises that have been designated for reexamination shall pay fees. The charging standard is stipulated in the implementation rules. Chapter IV 3 reexamination and random inspection Article 13 for enterprises that have been designated, reexamination shall be carried out once a year or every two years. In the meantime, irregular spot checks can also be carried out according to the user's feedback of using building materials packaging products. Article 14 those who fail to pass the recheck or spot check, reduce the technical standards without approval, and share the name of designated production enterprise with other enterprises without approval shall be disqualified from designated production, and the designated mark and certificate shall be cancelled. Chapter V Supervision Article 15 No unit or individual may forge, transfer or falsely use the certificate of a designated production enterprise. Violators will be prosecuted according to the seriousness of the case. Article 16 the evaluation departments at all levels shall carry out the evaluation of designated production enterprises in the spirit of seeking truth from facts, handling affairs impartially and treating them equally. Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions Article 17 the detailed rules for the implementation of the evaluation of various building materials packaging products shall be stipulated separately. Article 18 the production management department of the state building materials administration is responsible for the interpretation of these measures. Article 19 These Measures shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation

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