Evaluation of jmgog7s Live Coral Orange projector

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Start with the evaluation of nut jmgo g7s Live Coral Orange projector and the evaluation of performance configuration parameters

nut jmgo g7s Live Coral Orange projector is recommended by the evaluation, and this projector is planted behind. The effect of this nut jmgo g7s projector is really good, and it will be better if it is equipped with a professional curtain. At this price, such products are cost-effective. The brightness is high, the sound is thick, the system is smooth, and the trapezoidal correction is convenient to proofread the picture. The projector does not need to be placed in the middle of the picture, and the noise is low. At present, it is not enough to draw curtains during the day, and it is planned to match the curtain later. It's enough to show children pictures of data editing and learn English! Not bad

form a round drum

nut g7s Live Coral Orange projector more user comments on the advantages and disadvantages "for your reference

I. price quotation of nut g7s Live Coral Orange projector:

nut jmgo g7s Live Coral Orange projector projector home (far-field AI voice true 1080p Full HD metal texture body hdr10 technology trapezoidal correction)

JD second bargain: ¥ 2548.00

JD event price link:

II Configuration parameters of nut g7s Live Coral Orange projector:

III. nut g7s Live Coral Orange experimental machine of our company can withstand the test of quality. Comments on Coral Orange projector:

1 Different from the common overall corrosion degradation, the appearance is beautiful. The gray color matching is easy to integrate into the modern simple home style, with exquisite workmanship and solid materials

2. In the living room during the day, the white wall has great brightness, the picture is not white, the color is full, and the contrast is great. 1850ansi lumens are really great

3. With its own intelligent system, there is no need for additional connection, with projection screen, which is very convenient. I really want to see where I want to see

4. Good sound quality, small body, big energy, listening to songs, watching movies, no problem

5. It's very experienced to start the machine. The large picture frame that the TV at home can't match has the feeling of cinema

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