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Yadi forklift helps entrepreneurs lay a foundation for the high-end market

taking the low-end route will eventually be eliminated by the market under the condition of comprehensive market upgrading. Only taking the medium and high-end route can lead the market to the commanding height and remain invincible

BYD forklift has unique advantages in environmental protection. It will work together with xuzong enterprise to lay a foundation for the future era of environmental protection

on July 1, Shanghai implemented the strictest garbage classification standard. The "garbage classification incident" once again brought the concept of environmental protection into people's lives, and the social vision began to focus on environmental protection. At the same time, the state has upgraded environmental protection to a strategic position, which has also brought challenges to some traditional industries. As the leader of the adhesive industry, president Xu of Jiangyin Bond Technology Co., Ltd. has long adhered to the concept of environmental protection and is eager to make an attempt to upgrade the environmental protection of products

environmental protection is indeed a big wave for the rubber industry. The high standard of environmental protection will bring many restrictions to enterprises. However, president Xu did not mess up. Because he had planned for the next two to three years, he was confident that he should deal with the policy fluctuations in the next two to three years. Although at present, the development momentum of his enterprise is still strong, and it is estimated that the operating revenue will continue to grow in the next two to three years. However, knowing that the technology industry has a specialty, he is eager to seek a real king in the field for a win-win future in the long run. A market strategy of strong cooperation with brand forklifts sprouted in his heart

Since its establishment in 2005, president Xu's enterprise has only threeorfour people at the beginning, and later developed into more than 600 employees. The registered capital has increased from 1million at the beginning to 200 million on the book. The company has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. Nowadays, the enterprise has infinite scenery. However, few people know that President Xu, as a founder, knows the truth of his mountain 4. Experimental conditions, experimental results, calculation parameters, and the stone of automatic storage of gauge position. From talent reserve to looking for partners, president Xu has always been step by step, leading everyone to lay this "Jiangshan"

president Xu still remembers that the first difficulty faced at the beginning of entrepreneurship is capital. There is no state support, no bank support, no collateral, and no guarantee. Only a small amount of capital can be raised through partners, and then slowly develop. The hardships during this period are self-evident. It is also the tempering of these difficulties that leads to today's "Yu Ru Yu Cheng"

asked about President Xu's entrepreneurial experience, he shared with us from the bottom of his heart, "entrepreneurship is inseparable from opportunities, and the success of entrepreneurship is inseparable from the harmony of time, place and people. I just started the entrepreneurial process after 18 years of work and when the technical conditions are mature, I met the right opportunities."

he does not suggest that college students rush to start a business as soon as they leave school, but should have a practical foundation before starting a business. President Xu said: "College students have just left the campus, and their plans for the future are not clear, and few of them can clearly know what line of work they want to engage in. Even if they are given an office for free, 10000 venture capital, and there is no solid foundation and clear goals, entrepreneurship will end in vain. Opportunities are often hidden in ordinary work and practice. Only by following the right people, or contacting any good projects, can they get greater entrepreneurial success."

accurate market positioning, unswervingly follow the medium and high-end route

now, president Xu's company has long been in the forefront of the industry, with high market share and strong brand influence. At present, the global industry of adhesives and adhesives is mainly concentrated in China and Japan. Adhesive tape and veneer materials have also become the focus of the industry, and are exported to developed countries in Europe and the United States. All this benefits from President Xu's clear positioning of his market: doing low-end things will be gradually eliminated sooner or later. Now the market is upgrading in an all-round way. If enterprises want to go long-term, they must take the medium and high-end route

high end is not only reflected in product quality, but also in production, because the quality of equipment directly determines production efficiency and production quality. President Xu has already begun to gradually replace the low-end products in the 100 loading and unloading tools (with a total price of about two or three million) in the whole plant. In addition, he also continued to improve all equipment, and when choosing to use equipment, he preferred to spend more money on medium and high-end products. A good horse is equipped with a good saddle. President Xu is confident in choosing equipment

after full and careful market research, BYD forklift has strong functions, high efficiency and fuel economy, stable performance, and a well-known industry image, which makes BYD forklift stand out from many brands, and cooperate with BYD forklift to win the future market. What Xu head office sees is the unique advantages of BYD brand. This brand enjoys a high reputation in the automobile or related industries in China, and the product quality is excellent. In addition to overall reliability, Some details let president Xu see the hope of the future: "BYD has strong independent R & D and innovation strength, and the battery is charged quickly. According to the frequency of use, it takes only oneortwo hours to charge the PTFE composite dielectric property research battery once a day. The utilization rate of forklifts is high, and it is worthy of being the first to make batteries in the automotive industry! You know, most forklifts in the market now still use lead-acid batteries, with long battery charging time and very short service life. Compared with BYD forklifts It is easy for strong companies to work together to improve market penetration. "

according to his understanding, BYD brand is also taking the medium and high-end route, and also attaches great importance to environmental protection and technological innovation, which coincides with President Xu's concept

the same quality and reputation at the forefront of the industry contributed to his cooperation with BYD. It was also because of trust that President Xu purchased five BYD forklifts at one time. Because he believes that BYD's high-quality products can help his enterprise better seize the medium and high-end market. Yes, such a strong combination will help each other, achieve each other, and achieve a win-win situation

taking the medium and high-end route and replacing environmental protection equipment is only the first step. C. in the process of doing the experiment, the production of tape with more environmental protection performance is the important goal of president Xu. Mr. Xu, a technical graduate, has already had a preliminary solution by studying the cases of environmental protection tapes in various countries and constantly communicating with associations and peers, but is only studying the next promotion strategy. If it can be promoted, bond, led by President Xu, will open the situation of environmental friendly glue making earlier than that in China due to its cooperation with BYD, and become a pioneer enterprise to firmly lock in the medium and high-end market

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