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Yachang passed the ISO27001 international certification of information security

on September 26, 2012, the three companies of Yachang group successfully passed the strict external audit procedures of ISO27001 information security management system, obtained the ISO27001 international certification of information security management, and became the first company to pass the certification in the culture and art service industry

iso27001:2005 standard is currently the most authoritative and widely accepted information security standard in China's emerging industry of wood plastic composites. This successful certification can help Yachang group form a unified information security management system and sustainable basic work in terms of security strategy, security system, security operation and management process, and enhance the company's internal control management and business operation guarantee ability, Reduce potential risks and losses in enterprise operation, effectively improve the information processing level of the enterprise and the management level that can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards, and obtain the wide recognition of the company's information security level and commitment from the outside world

in the past two decades, Yachang group will realize the enterprise purpose of serving the people through serving the people's art. It will become an excellent art service organization as the enterprise vision, always take making art enter everyone's life as the mission, and use advanced science and technology and innovative management mode to build a cultural industry group with art digital assets as the core, Provide comprehensive services for the cultural and art circles in China and the world. With the rapid development of business, Yachang group has set higher requirements for information processing in the process of enterprise production and operation and comprehensive customer service, as well as the core digital asset management of Chinese art database, and has raised the construction of information security to a strategic level

on April 13, 2012, the information security project of Yachang group was officially launched. Through the guidance and support of HP consultants in the whole process, the management representatives of the three places, the information center, the legal department, the information security personnel and the information security specialists worked together to comprehensively learn the information security knowledge and method practice with ISO27001 standard as the reference, successfully established the information security management system in line with the business strategic development of Yachang, and defined the systematic The computer tensile testing machine with full participation, institutionalization, prevention oriented and continuous assessment is widely used in material inspection and analysis information security management methods in factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, construction materials, home appliances and other industries, Finally, it passed the ISO27001 certification audit issued by BSI (British Standards Institute) and CNAs (China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment)

iso27001 information security management system certification passed smoothly, marking that the information security management system established by Yachang group has reached the international standard level! At the same time, it also urges Yachang group to adhere to the requirements of Safety specifications, build the best production environment and business processes, effectively protect the information security of customers and companies, and improve the international competitiveness of enterprises

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