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Asian packaging manufacturing center added two billion yuan projects

Asian packaging Jiangyin manufacturing center increasingly highlights the industrial agglomeration effect. Recently, the completion and foundation laying ceremony of the 60000 ton five storey coextrusion new material project of Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park and the first 10000 ton polyester project in 201971 were held at the same time

the 60000 ton five layer co extrusion new material production line completed and put into operation this time has a total investment of US $100million, integrating the progressiveness of many international BOPP production equipment and technology. The first phase of the 200000 ton polyester project laid the foundation this time, with a construction investment of US $80million. After it is put into operation, it can achieve an annual sales volume of 2 billion yuan and a profit tax of nearly 100 million yuan. The project is targeted at BOPET high-speed film grade polyester chip. Its completion will end the import of BOPE. Therefore, it is beneficial to the inward growth of blood vessels. The t-film production line relies on imported raw materials and looks for domestic alternative raw materials to maintain the production situation. For the detection of different materials, we have professional technicians responsible for R & D and processing problems

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