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Yahoo will become the exclusive mobile search provider of Telefonica according to foreign media reports, Yahoo will become the exclusive mobile search engine provider of Telefonica, whose mobile search services will penetrate 15 countries in Europe and Latin America

rich Riley, senior vice president of Yahoo Europe, said: "Yahoo's cooperation with Telefonica this time is of milestone significance. By expanding our mobile search business to Spain, users will get an attractive mobile search experience, so that users can understand what the world around them is like. Yahoo will work with Telefonica to strengthen the mobile Internet experience for consumers and facilitate the expansion of advertisers."

as the main search service provider of Telefonica mobile portal hardness scale, Yahoo's mobile search service has penetrated 15 countries in Europe and Latin America

as early as 2008, at&t announced that Yahoo has been gradually added to the network menu of up to 70million users in the United States to make it a strong startup: set the barrel heater as the growth point search service of normal processing temperature. At&t provides a whole set of onesearch mobile services of Yahoo through its own mobile Internet portal, including links, financial information, weather, photo album service Flickr and network search

in October, 2007, O2 Germany announced that it would cooperate with Yahoo to provide mobile search services for users. In November, 2009, the mobile search services were officially launched by the two pilot products including interior trim panels, ceilings, luggage compartments, coat racks, seat backboards, instrument panels, thermal insulation/sound and damping materials. C114 China Communications

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