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Yahua launched large format automatic die-cutting machine

recently, another new product MW 1300 automatic die-cutting machine of Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the technical appraisal of new products in Shanghai. Experts reviewed all technical documents of the machine, and made a detailed field operation observation and analysis of the prototype. According to the inspection report and user use report of Shanghai Electromechanical product quality inspection center, it is agreed that the trial production of mw1300 automatic die-cutting machine is successful, including the lightweight chassis machine developed this time, which has reached the advanced level of similar international products, and has strong export competitiveness

Yahua company is a professional manufacturer in China that designs and manufactures automatic hot stamping die-cutting machines. After more than ten years of efforts, it has simple operation and other characteristics. While constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology, it has carried out a lot of technical innovation on products, and has a number of national patents and other independent intellectual property rights, so that the main technical indicators and die-cutting accuracy of series products reach or approach the international advanced level. The "lion seal" brand of Yahua company has been rated as the glorious title of Shanghai famous brand products for six consecutive years. At present, there are 780, 920, 1050 and other models of automatic machines produced by the company

what new technologies, new attractions and new processes will they bring to the industry? Let's have a preview

The mw1300 automatic die-cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various post press packaging cartons, cartons, paper plates and corrugated paper. It can also be used for concave convex indentation, making the packaging products more beautiful and exquisite

mw1300 automatic die-cutting machine main functions and features:

1. large format and wide adaptability

the largest applicable paper format of this machine is 1300 × 950 is a model with larger specifications among the current domestic automatic die-cutting machine products. In addition to the die-cutting of general paperboard and thick paperboard, these products are mainly used in the processing of wind power, automobile, rail transit, yacht manufacturing, elevator and other fields that need to bond structural parts, it can also be used for the die-cutting of corrugated paper (E, b) of ≤ 3.2mm, especially for the die-cutting of special paperboard, such as wide and short paper (1300 × 450), narrow and long paper (650 × 950), etc

2. Easy operation, safe and reliable

in the structural design of the whole machine, man-machine compatibility and labor intensity reduction are emphatically considered. Electric automatic devices are widely used in the operating mechanism. For example, the electric web adjustment mechanism of the paper feeder can automatically adjust according to the size of the web; The paper pressing frame of the paper feeding table adopts a pneumatic auxiliary lifting mechanism, as well as an electric table wedge adjusting mechanism, a pneumatic locking mechanism, an automatic switching device of the paper receiving sub table, etc., which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers operating the large face die cutting machine. At the same time, due to the safe operation alarm interlocking design and the flat desk operation area, the operation is safe and reliable

3. High degree of automation

the whole machine adopts PLC program control and touch screen technology to realize man-machine dialogue. Because various fault alarms can be directly expressed on the touch screen in the form of words through nearly 100 pictures, and even some user parameters can be set through the touch screen, which greatly improves the production and debugging speed, guides and facilitates the user's use and operation of the machine

4. Guarantee of high precision and high efficiency

because the indexing mechanism of this machine adopts a high-precision parallel indexing design, the optimized dynamic and static ratio makes the toothed paper row run smoothly, and the paper positioning accuracy is improved. In the process of parts processing, debugging and installation, sophisticated equipment and strict technological means are used to ensure that the die cutting accuracy of this machine reaches 0.2mm, The die cutting speed reaches 5000 sheets/hour (3500 sheets/hour of corrugated paper)

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