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Ya'an auto parts processing plant makes another brilliant achievement

Ya'an auto parts processing plant makes another brilliant achievement

working principle of automatic bar feeder of Taiwan automatic lathe: automatic bar feeder is named relative to the classification of processing materials. In terms of working principle, it is also called oil bath feeder, and in terms of applied mechanical equipment, it is also called CNC lathe feeder, etc. The working principle of the automatic bar feeder is: it is composed of five parts: hydraulic station, feed pipe, push rod, support and control circuit. A constant pressure (0.1 ~ 0.2MPa) of the oil pump supplies oil to the feed pipe and pushes the piston rod (push rod) to push the bar material into the spindle, so it is also called oil pressure feeder. When working, the bar will float from the tube. When the number of revolutions is fast, the bar will automatically float in the center of the tube

the profiling lathe can imitate the shape and size of the template or sample, and automatically complete the processing cycle of the workpiece (see profiling machine tool). It is suitable for the small batch and batch production of workpieces with complex shapes, and the productivity is 10 ~ 15 times higher than that of the ordinary lathe. There are many types, such as multi tool rest, multi shaft, chuck type, vertical type, etc. For vertical lathe, the spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the workpiece is clamped on the horizontal rotary workbench, and the tool rest moves on the beam or column. It is suitable for processing large, heavy workpieces that are difficult to install on an ordinary lathe. It is divided into single column and double column. Shovel tooth lathe, while turning, the tool holder periodically makes radial reciprocating motion, which is used for forming the tooth surface of forklift milling cutter, hob, etc. Usually with relief grinding accessories, a small grinding wheel driven by a separate motor is used to shovel and grind the tooth surface. Specialized lathes, lathes used by automatic lathes manufacturers to process specific surfaces of certain types of workpieces, such as crankshaft lathes, camshaft lathes, wheel lathes, axle lathes, roll lathes, and ingot lathes. Combined lathe is mainly used for turning, but it can also be used for boring, milling, drilling, inserting, grinding and other processing after adding some special parts and accessories. It has the characteristics of "one machine with multiple functions", and is suitable for repair work on engineering vehicles, ships or mobile repair stations

Dongguan Qifu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in automatic lathe parts processing and CNC CNC lathe parts processing. The precision lathe parts processing industries it is good at include: motor, air valve precision parts, optical test equipment, auto parts, military industry, aviation, lighting parts, medical equipment, hardware and bathroom, clock and watch parts, electronic appliances, communication parts, injection molding Furniture hardware accessories and other precision lathe processing hardware products. Qifu hardware has been focusing on for 12 years, and has established a perfect production system, quality and environmental assurance system. It has successfully passed the iso9001:2015 quality management system certification. All products have been fully inspected before delivery, and all products meet RoHS and reach export standards; The company continuously introduces various advanced technologies and equipment at home and abroad. It has an experienced technical design and R & D team, and has more than 5 years of experience in the hardware manufacturing industry of precision lathe processing. It can formulate non-standard, high-precision and special specifications for the processing, R & D and manufacturing of non-standard precision lathe parts according to customer requirements. Now it has 50 sets of automatic lathe equipment of well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The company has actively developed horizontal automatic drilling machine, vertical automatic drilling machine, automatic tooth rubbing machine, automatic grooving machine and other turning back-end processing equipment

Ya'an auto parts processing plant has made another success

CNC lathe processing technology can improve the processing accuracy. The ball screw is introduced into the structure, the software accuracy compensation technology is adopted, and the whole process of processing is controlled by the program, reducing the impact of human factors on the processing accuracy, especially improving the obvious shaking consistency of the force measuring pointer of the same batch of parts, so that the product quality is stable. To improve production efficiency, generally, the efficiency can be increased by 3-5 times, and the productivity can be increased by 5-10 times by using CNC machining center, saving time and money. It can process parts with complex shapes. The labor intensity is reduced and the working conditions are improved. It is conducive to the development of production management and comprehensive automation of mechanical processing. NC lathe processing is the foundation of modern processing equipment and the support of precision, high efficiency, high reliability and high flexibility processing technology. The development of advanced manufacturing technology must be based on numerical control technology. Numerical control technology is a marginal science and technology, which integrates the new achievements in the fields of computer, automatic control, motor, electrical transmission, measurement, monitoring, machinery manufacturing and so on. It plays a decisive role in realizing automation, flexibility, integration and intelligent production in the manufacturing industry

to measure or detect the workpiece in the process of NC automatic lathe machining, it is necessary to study the test equipment suitable for dynamic or quasi dynamic, and even the special test equipment that can be integrated into the NC automatic lathe machining, so as to achieve real-time testing. According to the test results, constantly modify the process parameters, make supplementary adjustment or feedback control to the NC automatic lathe processing and other equipment, and correspondingly study the dynamic accuracy theory from the accuracy theory, including the evaluation of dynamic accuracy. Study how to make full use of measurement information to realize zero waste production. Through the full use of measurement data, analyze the dynamic characteristics of error distribution in NC machining and measurement process. At the same time, according to the dynamic characteristics of machining errors and the accuracy loss characteristics of sensor accuracy, as well as product quality requirements and tolerance regulations, give the basic theoretical model of zero waste manufacturing, and make full use of artificial networks, Genetic algorithm and other modern mathematical methods can accurately predict the processing quality, so as to achieve advanced quality control

Dongguan Qifu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. continuously pursues customer satisfaction and the joy brought by "product manufacturing" with high-quality technical services. Today, after the accumulation of technical experience, we use a series of machine tool products and markets developed by Qifu hardware company's cutting technology to create a brilliant history. We are proud to become a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise with our own data machine tools, machining centers, and automatic control devices. The theory of "thermal affinity concept" with accuracy beyond people's imagination and the reassuring and reliable "machine tool without impact" developed by our company are also the symbols of Qifu hardware's intelligent innovation spirit. As a supplier of "machine tool and control device integration", our commitment to the future is to manufacture higher quality products and provide better services to meet more and more customers in the world Unit: kg, LB, N, kN of customer's demand. At the same time, we sincerely hope that more people around the world can understand and agree with what we know and feel: - Product Manufacturing - reflects the art of manufacturing and "the joy of the manufacturer"

Ya'an auto parts processing plant makes another brilliant achievement

third: the precision full-automatic lathe of the automatic lathe manufacturer has five groups of tool holders, which are respectively equipped with micrometer cards to fine tune the workpiece to achieve high precision; More than 10 knives can be installed according to the workpiece processing procedure. Two axis device; The main shaft adopts an electromagnetic clutch to drive the tapping main shaft. The tapping is carried out by using the rotation difference between the high-speed rotation and the mechanical main shaft in the same direction. The two shafts can be shaken and transformed, and the reaming and tapping of inner and outer teeth can be completed at the same time. 4: The automatic lathe manufacturer has a precise structure and controls the production through the cam. Each rotation of the cam completes the processing of a part. The cam speed is 1.0 ~ 36 rpm, which can be adjusted according to different processing parts, and 36 parts can be processed per minute

in today's era of rapid development, efficiency has become the top priority. If the R & D and listing of new products are delayed one step, they may be preempted by their peers and miss the market. Therefore, when processing automatic lathe parts, it is important to find the right manufacturer. Whether they can ship quickly and ensure the delivery time is the primary requirement for enterprises to find automatic lathe manufacturers! When looking for automatic lathe parts processing manufacturers in Shenzhen, we need to consider the strength of this automatic lathe processing manufacturer. There are many automatic lathe processing manufacturers, whose quality, delivery time and price are uneven, and the network information is mixed with many uncertain factors, so we must pay more attention to the automatic lathe processing factory. If we are not far from the automatic lathe processing factory, it is good to visit the factory. You can check the specific strength of the automatic lathe processing manufacturer, the plant equipment and the processing, production and manufacturing process, and understand the relevant vehicle parts produced before. You can roughly understand how this automatic lathe processing manufacturer is, whether it is a powerful automatic lathe processing factory or a small factory with small specifications. When considering the price problem, you should also use the products according to the requirements of the drawings. If the accuracy does not meet the standard, choose the next one, otherwise the quality will not be guaranteed and it will need to be redone

Dongguan Qifu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located at No. 5, daguizi East Street, Tangjiao village, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a plant area of more than 7000 square meters. It is a company specializing in the processing of all kinds of precision hardware and mechanical parts; Gear shaft, gear shaft, synchronous belt pulley, spline shaft, automatic lathe parts, CNC processing products, terminal wires, etc. Qifu hardware technology team provides you with private enterprises that process all kinds of alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless steel and special materials such as rigidity, deflection and bending resistance. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our products cover machinery, automation equipment, aviation, automotive, electronics, medical equipment, communication equipment and other fields. At present, we have ① There are production equipment to reset the displacement: 50 automatic lathe equipment of famous brands at home and abroad such as Germany, Japan and Taiwan, horizontal automatic drilling machine, vertical automatic drilling machine, automatic tooth rubbing machine, automatic grooving machine, etc

Ya'an auto parts processing plant makes another success

many people think that automatic lathe machining parts can only be used in lathes! This is only explained in terms of words, which is completely right, but in fact, the frequency of automatic lathe parts used in our daily life is very common. Small mechanical workpiece, large application: from the whole machining industry, the use of automatic lathes to process small batch parts plays an important role in the development of machining. Computer peripheral equipment, instruments, clocks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, lamps, hardware, bathroom, electronic parts, connectors, electromechanical and other industries are also developing rapidly. The demand for spare parts is increasing, and the processing volume of small parts is also increasing. Many enterprises using instrument lathes are also gradually upgrading

mainly about the basic introduction of automatic lathe: 1 Working principle: after the NC programming of the automatic lathe, the position change of the shaft motion system and the spindle system is controlled to cut chips, and the automatic feeding and automatic processing can be carried out through the NC system. 2. Characteristics: according to the different products, the product customization system provided for customers includes high-precision and automatic control systems such as fully automatic programmable PLC, 32xta standard numerical control system and vibrating material tray to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, fine appearance and high quality. In the process of researching and exploring new materials, new processes, new skills and new structures, one person can operate 4-10 equipment and fool operation mode, Easy to understand, completely reduce labor costs. Long term very economical. 3. Main features: full automatic pneumatic control system (high reliability), 1 KW motor control, 32R or 60R precision

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