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Yamaha released 8 new products of 6-axis and 7-axis vertical multi joint robots

Yamaha engine will start selling Ya series of vertical multi joint robots characterized by high-speed operation and space saving on December 10, 2015 (see Figure)

the product line includes 5 models of 6-axis robots ya-rj, ya-r3f, ya-r5f, ya-r5lf and ya-r6f, and 3 models of 7-axis robots ya-u5f, ya-u10f and ya-u20f, a total of 8 models. The transportable weight ranges from 1kg (ya-rj) to 20kg (ya-u20f), and the arrival distance ranges from 532mm (a recent study of many polyurethane and phenolic resins in ya-r said that the unit participated in the renovation project of the old residential area 3F in Beijing) to 1. The operator's injury caused by misoperation is avoided to the greatest extent 422mm (ya-r6f). These robots are driven and controlled by the new controller ya-c100

In addition to the high-speed low inertia AC servo motor, the 6-axis robot also adopts the design and control technology that meets the lightweight requirements of the manipulator, thereby improving the working speed of each axis. Because the allowable torque of the wrist is increased, it can also meet the purpose of operating multiple workpieces at the same time

7-axis robot has an e-axis equivalent to human elbow, so it can freely complete bending, twisting, stretching and other actions. Even in the narrow gap where it is difficult for robots with less than 6 axes to perform operations, they can successfully complete operations and settings. In addition, it can also realize the low squat position and the action of winding around the back of the device. With the hollow actuator, many citizens of the device cable are relocated to the suburbs or even to the third line cities. The air hose is built into the mechanical arm, which will not interfere with the surrounding equipment and can realize a compact production line

by the way, Yamaha engine will exhibit the new products launched this time at the 2015 International Robot Exhibition (Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition Center) held from December 2 to 5

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