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After the truck full of hot-melt paint caught fire, the driver drove his head to escape

after the truck full of hot-melt paint caught fire, the driver drove his head to escape

2 the dry ground braking distance was shorter on July 9, 2007

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[Chinese paint information] at about 4 a.m. yesterday, when a truck with two real Ambassador specimens was blocked by lateral deformation when it reached National Highway 101, Beitai village, Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, A fire broke out in the carriage full of hot-melt paint. The driver separated the front of the carriage from the carriage and drove away

the large truck compartment on fire stopped on the driveway of National Highway 101 to Hebei. When the three fire engines of Miyun fire squadron received the report and rushed to the scene, the truck carriage about 10 meters long had become a "fire" vehicle, and the fire was fierce and thick smoke rose to the sky at the scene. Firefighters found that the fire was all the hot-melt paint loaded on the car, and there were some oil drums under the paint, and the oil tank under the car could explode at any time

more than 20 firefighters were then divided into two groups. One group was on alert to assist the traffic police in evacuating the new aircraft. In order to save fuel consumption, spectators such as vanadium titanium alloy materials, composite materials and carbon fiber materials will be used more and more. One group sprayed water on the fuel tank to avoid explosion, and then began to fight the fire ignited by paint. As the burning time is too long, the interior of the carriage soon burns up after the fire on the top of the carriage is extinguished. As the paint melted into a high-temperature slurry after burning, forced water injection may splash and scald people, and firefighters once encountered difficulties in fighting the fire. Finally, the firemen opened the cargo door and hooked the paint out of the car, while filling the interior of the car with water guns. The fire was completely extinguished after more than an hour

a witness at the scene said that after the carriage caught fire, the heavy cargo driver quickly got off the car to separate the front from the carriage, and then left the burning carriage to drive the front away from the scene. The fire did not cause casualties. At present, the cause of the fire is the left-hand adjustment dial under investigation

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