The driving force and resistance faced by the inst

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The driving force and resistance faced by the instrument industry in 2013

the national instrument industry research group analyzed the problem that the stability and reliability of China's instrument products could not be fundamentally solved for a long time in the summary report entitled "countermeasures and suggestions for revitalizing China's instrument industry", and pointed out that one of the reasons was the poor quality control and management of products by enterprises. This is an internal cause, and the problem of internal cause depends on the enterprise itself

notice on giving full play to the role of industry stations and promoting industry information work

in the summary report entitled countermeasures and suggestions for revitalizing China's instrument industry, the national instrument industry research group analyzed the problem that the stability and reliability of China's instrument products have not been fundamentally solved for a long time, and pointed out that one reason is that enterprises have poor quality control and management of products. This is an internal cause, and the problem of internal cause depends on the enterprise itself

informatization is an important means for instrument and meter enterprises to carry out modern management.

with the in-depth development of the reform of state-owned enterprises, including instrument and meter enterprises, it can be said that the most concerned problem of enterprise leaders and employees is the market. The reason is very simple. Employees should eat and enterprises should develop. China's entry into WTO is imminent, and the domestic market, which has been closed for a long time, will face the competition of the world's heroes. In the face of this harsh fact, regardless of the actual situation of enterprises, the global network economy will come. How can China's instrument enterprises deal with the world's big market? On the premise of expanding the domestic market, how to go to the global market? This is a problem worth studying. How to improve the management level and reduce operating costs of instrument enterprises, how to improve product quality and maintain product quality stability for a long time, how to expand the market and increase the competitiveness of enterprises themselves, information technology is undoubtedly an important means

it is more important to see that if China's instrument and meter enterprises do not accelerate the construction of it, the traditional business model can no longer meet the needs of the market. From the perspective of the world trend, the trend of enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to change the business model of the instrument Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group, which is the world's leading supplier of characteristic materials, process technology and automation solutions, especially the traditional supply chain. Now some of the customers have joined the market, so they hope that the response speed of instrument enterprises should be accelerated, and at the same time, they put forward higher requirements for product quality. Unfortunately, at present, many state-owned instrument and meter enterprises do not have their own stations, and they can only provide printed product catalogs and samples to customers, which is still the traditional fax contact method. As a result, the information and services provided to customers are slow and lagging behind

practice has also proved that when the sense of crisis of enterprises is gradually strengthened, enterprises need weapons that can help them grow rapidly. Enterprise informatization has naturally become the preferred weapon for enterprises. Enterprise informatization refers to the process of improving the management level, development ability and management level through the due development and use of information resources of enterprises through information technology, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprise informatization is a necessary means for instrument enterprises to carry out modern management and a self-defense weapon to avoid enterprises being eliminated by the market tide. Implementing informatization is also the only way for instrument enterprises to carry out their own reform. There are many cases where informatization can promote the great development of enterprises, such as Cisco, a world-famous networking product company. In a short period of more than a decade, it has grown from the initial two employees to 30000 employees all over the world. Enterprise informatization construction is an important reason to help Cisco succeed

after joining the WTO, China's instrument and meter enterprises, like other enterprises, face many opportunities. The market of domestic instrument and meter enterprises will expand, and a large number of cheap labor resources and huge markets in China will attract a large number of foreign enterprises to invest in China, and instrument and meter enterprises will encounter more cooperation opportunities. With the maturity of network technology and the continuous decline of the price of IT products, the threshold of informatization construction of instrument and meter enterprises has gradually become lower. And there are many successful experiences in the informatization construction of instrument enterprises, such as the PDM Project of Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd. Therefore, it is the best time for instrument and meter enterprises to implement information construction

informatization is the foundation of e-commerce.

strictly speaking, a comprehensive informatization system should include: production management information, engineering design information, manufacturing information, quality information and other systems

instrument and meter enterprises are manufacturing systems, including production and operation until the completion of products, supply to the market and user services after product sales. It can be seen that the core of the whole process is management, and the essence of management is decision-making. The basis and basis of decision-making is information, especially the feedback information of the market and customers. It can be seen that the whole process of the system is interrelated and indispensable. For example, production management must obtain market analysis, prediction information, production plan, production operation plan, control information in production and statistical information of production results. The product research and development of engineering design is related to the market demand information and the internal feedback information in the production process

manufacturing information is mainly based on specific links such as product manufacturing, assembly, testing and debugging, so as to realize the detailed management of production workshops and production equipment. Quality is the life of an enterprise. The collection, collation and analysis of quality information is conducive to the product system. For example, the rubber band binding will improve all links in the manufacturing system, improve the process level and quality control, so as to ensure the quality of products. And high-quality products should be recognized and widely used by customers, so after using the tensile testing machine for a period of time, e-commerce will be of great use here. Due to the characteristics of large amount of information, complex relationships and structures, poor regularity, and diverse data forms, it is powerless to rely on manual statistics and sorting, and the timeliness is not to mention, but relying on computer technology can easily be achieved by 3D printing technology, namely SLA)

e-commerce is a hot topic in recent years. The so-called e-commerce refers to the business activities (or business activities) carried out by using electronic networks. Facing the challenge of entering WTO, traditional enterprises must reform, and e-commerce is the tool of this transformation. Use it to participate in the new economy, establish a new order, and strive to turn the enterprise into a new enterprise to meet the challenges of the new economy. The business process of traditional instrument and meter enterprises is: the sales channel of products, the users (i.e. customers) of products, and the production and sales of instrument and meter products satisfactory to customers, which are inseparable from business partners and suppliers of raw materials and spare parts. None of the four is indispensable, which involves the management of supply chain and customer relationship management

if the above process is carried out by computer, the enterprise must establish its own station. Is it OK to set up a station? No! Station building is just a development tool for instrument and meter enterprises to carry out e-commerce. The key is to find the right goal. The development of traditional enterprises to e-commerce enterprises should be carried out step by step, with the time of last year. Its initial stage is the E-marketing stage, that is, the release of enterprise information, such as enterprise information, instrument product information, market information, and all kinds of information can be released on the station to deepen customers' deep understanding of the enterprise and its products. On this basis, we will enter the second stage of electronic trading

instrument and meter enterprises should do traditional e-commerce, including traditional sales and management, as well as upper sales and management, so that traditional and e-commerce marketing coexist and complement each other. The third stage is the e-commerce of enterprises. This must be based on the whole production management inside the enterprise, the whole set of information of enterprise management and the local network inside the enterprise, so that the enterprise can establish a perfect electronic and commercial enterprise management mode with enterprise cultural characteristics from inside to outside. The whole business model must be customer-centered. Because winning customers, especially long-term loyal customers, is the key to the development of instrument enterprises. To sum up, enterprise informatization is the foundation of e-commerce, so we should meet the challenges of e-commerce and make enterprises invincible on the premise of realizing the long-term goal of enterprise informatization management

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