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In 1999, the dream of agricultural machinery hand was blooming in the field when he was young

the dream of agricultural machinery hand was blooming in the field when he was young

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in a farmland in Pingyu County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, he hummed a ditty and skillfully drove a harvester to harvest crops, and the roar of machinery gradually spread to the distance...

when he first saw him, he slightly green, When it comes to why it's called "little coward", it's still because grandma said "cheap name is easy to feed" when she named it at that time. If you didn't see it with your own eyes, it's hard to believe that this boy born in 1999 is an experienced agricultural machinery expert who deals with large agricultural machinery and equipment every day

nowadays, impetuous young people are more willing to leave the countryside and go to big cities to make a living. In Henan, a large agricultural province, the project has carried out the production technology development of UHV transmission insulation structural parts, the production technology development of cross-linked polyethylene UHV insulation materials, the scope preparation technology development of high-performance boron carbide ceramics, the preparation technology development of boron carbide based nuclear protective materials, the development and utilization of special porous ceramics and their composites The development, production and utilization of key technologies for the industrialization of high-performance copper clad aluminum conductor materials are rare for young people who are willing to settle down to take root in the countryside. "When I was a child, I saw my father drive back an agricultural tricycle." Looking at his father driving the agricultural machinery and busy in the field, the young coward hopes to drive the big "iron ox" one day. Thinking that his father is an old farmer, with rich working hours and experience, and has accumulated a lot of contacts and relationships, now that the road has been paved, you can also take fewer detours in choosing this industry

In 2015, Kan Xiaomei persuaded his father, who had been driving agricultural machinery for more than 20 years, to learn and work with his father for two years. Later, he began to drive harvesters independently. From then on, Kan Xiaomei sat on the agricultural machinery and dominated the fields. "When I was a child, I thought it was very imposing to drive agricultural machinery, but in fact, the operation was not so simple." Kan Xiaowei recalled that when he first drove the agricultural machine to the ground, because he didn't know what gear to use, he shifted down one gear, and there was a big hole in the ground that was not easy to find. As a result, the front wheel of the locomotive suddenly fell into the mud, which scared him out of a cold sweat

now it's the time when the autumn harvest is busy. Xiao Mei gets up early every day and drives the agricultural machinery to work in the fields. At noon, he and the villagers ate some dry food in the field and worked until evening. After that, he will drive the agricultural machinery back for cleaning

"at this time, I usually go to the field at about six o'clock in the morning. In addition to eating, I can't come back until about five or six o'clock in the evening. When I'm particularly tired from work, I will complain, but I keep persuading myself that I want to work hard when I'm so young. Since I love this industry and get into this industry, I can't rely on my parents in case of trouble, but I have to bite my teeth and continue to stick to it."

in 2019, Kui Xiaomei changed the Lovol Ceres gm80 at home. This machine is convenient for harvesting miscellaneous grains, and there is no need to replace superfluous things. Basically, it can be harvested by adjusting the speed, and the work efficiency is particularly high. Very comfortable to operate, sound insulation, dust prevention and air conditioning are all very good. He also has a cousin who was 19 years old in 2001. Now he is working with the team to cross the region. Their cross regional work has covered most of China. At the beginning, they went to Hubei, or Nanyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Baoding, Tianjin and Tangshan. After the harvest of coarse cereals, they went back to Chaoyang, Liaoning, Jilin, Baotou, Inner Mongolia and other regions to harvest soybeans. They didn't go home until November

after several years of struggle, the assets have gradually expanded. In the past, one car at home has also become two cars. Friends around have also changed Lovol Valley God gm80 according to their own recommendations. With the accumulation of driving experience, Kui Xiaowei's ideas and views have gradually become mature

now it's October. Xiao Wei, who is busy with the autumn harvest, took advantage of his leisure time at noon to show me the photos he took when harvesting across the country. Talking about this topic, Kan Xiaomei's conversation box opened - it turned out that he was a "literary man", and he really liked agricultural machinery. Because the drivers of agricultural machinery are generally "old", and they go out of town, most of the agricultural machinery operators they contact are people in their teens, so few agricultural machinery operators will take photos to record their habits of field work

"At ordinary times, I love to play Kwai and study agricultural machinery. On the one hand, I like harvesters, on the other hand, I like to share, and I like to record my life by shooting some beautiful scenery and harvesting homework. After changing the valley God gm80 last year, the records have gradually increased, and Kwai fans have accumulated more than 10000 fans now. My idea is very simple, I just want to be 'the happiest cross regional agricultural machinery hand' and record the most beautiful 'harvest moment' 。 I find it interesting and fulfilling to record the life of cross regional harvesting. "

Xiao Wei talked about the interesting story of wheat harvest in Northeast China. When it rained during the harvest, the common people didn't know that they couldn't harvest the wheat when it rained. They wanted to harvest in the rain. He patiently explained to the villagers that they couldn't harvest when it rained, otherwise they would lose more. It is not easy for crops to dot the fields. Uncles and aunts all said that the young man was really different from other trans regional people. As long as he gave money, he paid for the development of China's plastic machinery. After that, he patted his ass and left. Unfortunately, it was the common people

"in the past, I didn't have much experience in youth, and I couldn't complete the experiments of simply supported beam and cantilever beam. I understand and have suffered a lot. Now I've grown up and know how to think of others." Xiao Wei said again, "Then it cleared up. There was an old woman who was at home alone. She was old and planted 2 mu of land. After collecting the wheat, the old woman said that it would be OK to unload it into the field. She said that it would not delay my work. As soon as I saw that it would be inconvenient for the old man to put the wheat in the field, I sent the wheat home to her. Anyway, it was not far away. Then their village asked me, 'does the young man have a girlfriend? There are beautiful girls in the village. I will fix it up for you. In the future, the wheat in the village will be brought back to me I blushed at that time... "

" now sowing and harvesting are very different from before. The era of 'shoulder carrying and hand-held' has passed. They are all mechanized operations, with high efficiency, and daily use and maintenance cannot be left behind. " Kui Xiaomei warned seriously, "you must find a reason for the oil leakage, and you can't make do with it. The parts must be from the original factory or a regular service station." Compared with other car owners, none of the two agricultural machines of Kan Xiaomei has been repaired since he bought them, and they are only simple routine maintenance every year

for the future, he is quite confident. In addition to learning some operations of agricultural machinery, he also wants to learn some management of agricultural production. He wants to put the ideas of young people into this industry. He believes that Chinese agriculture has broad prospects for development

"China's agricultural market has great potential, and there is a lot of room for development, and this year's national policy is even more awesome. I will continue to work hard relying on major users, and I will replace the latest Lovol Valley God GM100 when I have the opportunity." Xiao Wei told me

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