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-- the driving force of national power

national power company, which has more than 1.5 million employees, serves more than 1billion users, has a sales scale of nearly trillion yuan, and ranks 29th among the Fortune Global 500 enterprises. When she takes the performance of society as her own responsibility, how much social benefits will it produce

Chinese people understand that "the value of an enterprise depends on how big it is. Enterprises should accurately locate and recognize their roles in the overall situation of economic and social development, and perform and create value in promoting the coordinated development of economy, society and environment

it is not difficult to find that the word "" has become the driving force for Chinese people to "strive to surpass and pursue excellence"

self transcendence. The national power takes serving the national energy strategy as its own responsibility, gives full play to the function of the power network market, promotes the optimal allocation of energy resources across the country and even in a wider range, and ensures a safe, economic, clean and sustainable energy supply

independent innovation. Guodian believes that the key technology problems of the world's large power are in China. Innovation and breakthroughs in the world's cutting-edge technologies such as UHV transmission have occupied the commanding height of the world's power science and technology development

focus on "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", including commercial aircraft, helicopters and space projects. Guodian vigorously promoted the rural "household power" project, so that millions of households and millions of people can use electricity and make good use of electricity, and truly feel the care of the party and the government, such as pneumatic fixtures

attach importance to and integrate organically into the company's core business. State Grid Corporation of China is making beneficial exploration on the road of fulfilling the society

comprehensive sublimation of social concept

on March 10, 2006, the "five year social report of the state power company 200 that can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials" was released. This is the first social report of China's central enterprises, and has been highly evaluated by all sectors of society, including the central leadership. This "first" is of great significance: super large state-owned enterprises take the initiative to strengthen full communication with stakeholders, and raise the banner of fulfilling society on the road of implementing the scientific concept of development and serving the construction of a harmonious society

on January 18, 2007, State Grid invited the China Enterprise Confederation to jointly release the 2006 Social Report of State Grid Corporation of China, which was the first to entrust a third-party organization to release the corporate social report

on November 24, 2007, the second "China Academy of Management Award", which was jointly evaluated by the presidents of 16 business schools and schools of management in three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, welcomed everyone to consult and select, was announced. State Grid Corporation of China was selected as one of the top ten award-winning enterprises with the "innovation of corporate social reporting model"

on December 28, 2007, State Grid Corporation of China made another breakthrough -- the "State Grid Corporation of China's implementation of social guidelines" was newly released, which is the first enterprise in China to implement social guidelines. As a result of in-depth thinking and exploration in the past two years, the release of the guide marks the leap from the simple release of reports to the systematic implementation of society by the State Grid Corporation of China

Chinese people view the society of enterprises in this way: the process of enterprises fulfilling the society is the process of enterprises and stakeholders strengthening communication, learning from each other and enhancing consensus; It is the process of promoting enterprise innovation, grasping the opportunities of sustainable development and effectively controlling the social and environmental risks of development; It is a process of focusing on the long-term, continuous improvement and realizing the coordination and unity of the sustainable development of enterprises and society

due to the deep understanding of the nature of state-owned enterprises and the attributes of public utility enterprises, Guodian will consciously fulfill the social responsibility. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it has determined the enterprise purpose of "serving the overall situation of the party and the state, serving power customers, serving power generation enterprises, and serving economic and social development". The enterprise concept of "people-oriented, loyal to the enterprise, and dedication to the society" implements all-round services and performs all-round

in the process of comprehensively fulfilling the society, Chinese people have formed such a consensus: the company's mission and strategy are the development direction and inexhaustible driving force of the enterprise. Only by fully integrating the concept of fulfilling the society into the company's mission and strategy can the company be guided to consciously fulfill the society

adhering to such a concept, Guodian has organically integrated the implementation of social and corporate development strategies -- "developing the company, serving the society, people-oriented and common growth" is the social concept of Guodian; In the process of serving and promoting the sustainable development of economy and society, it is the unremitting pursuit of Chinese people to realize the sustainable and healthy development of the company; It is the common mission of the Chinese people to fully fulfill the social responsibility, ensure a safer, more economical, cleaner and sustainable energy supply, and make development healthier, society more harmonious and life better

focusing on the core business of building and operating electricity, Guodian put forward the development strategy of "one strong and three excellent" (electricity strong, excellent assets, high-quality service, excellent performance) modern company. Liu Zhenya, general manager of State Grid Corporation of China, It further explains the integration of development strategy and fulfilling Society -—— "Strong electricity is not only a safe and efficient electricity with reasonable and reliable construction and operation structure and strong power transmission and network market functions, but also a green electricity and harmonious electricity that meet the expectations of stakeholders and the requirements of sustainable development during the construction and operation process; good assets not only refer to improving the quality of the company's tangible assets, but also to improving the quality of intangible assets such as brand image and the value of key resources such as human capital; service The core of high-quality service is to meet the requirements of stakeholders and society, and to meet the requirements of the sustainable development of enterprises and society. Excellent performance requires attention not only to the company's financial performance, but also to the company's comprehensive economic, social and environmental performance, so as to maximize the company's comprehensive value. "

Chinese people say that we pursue economic value, social value and environmental value at the same time; We are committed to creating material wealth, as well as spiritual wealth and knowledge wealth

the social concept of national electricity is gradually sublimated in step-by-step practice

speech: Chinese people define "enterprise society" like this: "in order to realize the sustainable development of itself and society, enterprises follow laws and regulations, social norms and business ethics, effectively manage the impact on stakeholders and the natural environment in the whole process of operation, and pursue the behavior of maximizing the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment."

in just a few dozen words, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of the enterprise and academia of the State Grid Corporation of China, and it is also the result of their unremitting exploration in recent years. Now, international enterprises have developed from performance to value creation, from performance alone to enhance regional competitiveness. The exploration of State Grid Corporation of China has shortened the space-time distance between domestic enterprises and multinational corporations

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