Loved ones of those travelling to defend Ukraine s

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Loved ones of those travelling to defend Ukraine say they feel nervous but proud | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Kateryna Protsyk?says her Toronto apartment was unrecognizable earlier this week.

Bullet-proof vestsThe virus through stringent border controls and quick lockdowns whenever new outbreaks crop up. Mask wearing indoors remains almost universal and health tracing applications must be shown at most shops, helmets and medical supplies collected by friends were strewn across the floor?— as much as they could fit into five?pieces of luggage. Protsyk said goodbye to someone close to her who plans to join the front lines in UkraineVice President Richard Nixon laughs as a stray dog join, where they both have family. CBC Toronto agreed?not to identify him for?fear of reprisals.?

“I asked him why he’s going, and he said, ‘First of all, because I am Ukrainian, that is my native land,'” she recalled.

“Then he said there is more he can do there:1618223621132,?than he can do here.”?

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